what's up, doc?

doc martens: the ugg boots of the fashion world? really, think about it. to fashion bloggers everywhere, uggs are the ultimate sin against individual style. people who do wear uggs defend them saying, "i know they're not the cutest, but they're soooo comfy and warm!" bloggers who wear docs say they're huge and clunky, but super-comfortable. am i the only one sensing a pattern here??

now, for the longest time, i thought doc martens were some of the ugliest shoes to ever roam the earth. but now there are more colors/designs than ever, and i think my resolve might be weakening...

the forever 21 knock-off ($24.80),

and the doc marten being knocked-off ($115).

(i have to say, i kinda like the f21 ones better... and not just because of the price!)
plus there are other pretty colors to choose from...

they even come in cool designs! (the pictures are links, btw.)

i'm not sure if i'd wear them or not... does anyone actually own a pair of docs? could you vouch for them? how do you wear them? i guess if i did have a pair, this is how i'd wear 'em:

a frilly dress, pastel colors, ect... probably a girlier dress than this, but i really love this one. too bad it's $2,588...

(you can read more about them here, like a history, ect., but it's written by gala darling, so you know it's good...)


this made me laugh

who knew all those amazing street-style folks had this secret strategy up their designer sleeves?! ;)


i'm ba-ack!

ok, since i've been travelling non-stop the past few weeks, i decided to write a guide for packing for you all. then i realized i suck at packing and that you should just figure out what works for you. my personal strategy is squishing everything i might conceivably ever want to wear into a suitcase. then tossing in some undies and my toothbrush. whatever works, right? ;) anyway, my one piece of real advice is this:

avoid the dreaded tourist look at all costs. why do even the most stylish people sometimes start to totally abandon any pride/self-respect when travelling for the sake of "comfort" or "practicality"?? they might wear something they wouldn't be seen dead in at home. i say do the opposite: you might never see any of these people again, so make a good impression.

and as for suitcases: i say vintage all the way!!
who wouldn't want to carry around something like this?
(hint: for really good vintage cases, search etsy. it's a goldmine, i tell you.)

if they aren't really your style (or just plain too small) lesportsac.com is a good place for cute (modern!) luggage.

i'm partial to the "artist in residence" ones, but there's plenty to choose from.

just think, you'll always be able to tell your sui
tcases apart from everyone else's boring black ones! :) finally, if your trip will be longer than a week/you have to go through an airport, get luggage with wheels. just save yourself the agony.

anyway, i know the summer is already half-over, i hope you all get to go on a (stylish!) vacation!


happy 4th!

ahh, there's nothing like coming home after a week at the beach only to log into bloglovin' and find you have 150 new posts...

anyway, i just figured out that i'll be away for the next two weeks too, so i apologize in advance for my extended hiatus. expect only (maybe?) sporadic posting.

anyway, to try to make up for it, i will leave you this link to an amazing jewelry website, marquis and camus. i esp. like their "victorian romance" collection. for some reason, the whole getting pics from the website/putting them here seems to be not working, but trust me, go check it out! there's some crazy-good eye candy. too bad it's so far out of my price range....

and i also feel obligated to post about the uniform project, which, according to fashion bloggers everywhere, is the amazing-est thing since carl lagerfeld. now, i think it's great that she's doing it for charity and everything, but i'm not as impressed as everyone else seems to be... please don't call me a hater! :(

well, that wraps up the randomness for today. as always, hope you guys are having awesome summers so far!