1 day...

is everyone excited yet? i can't wait... what are you all planning on being? my next post will be about my costume, so check back soon!


(source: teen vouge, i believe?)


2 days...


can you say disturbing? still, i rather like them... and i don't know which is scarier. i don't particularly like the scary, ugly side of halloween, complete with horror movies and gross decorations-- i much prefer the dressing up part... do you think maybe we could turn october 31st into a giant masquerade party and leave it at that? oh, with all ghosts welcome, of course. got to keep the spooky atmoshpere up somehow. ;)


"if my calaculations are correct, slinky + escalator = everlasting fun"

my mum bought these over-the-knee boots the other day (from target, i think?), so, of course, i had to "borrow" them for a little while... ;)

top: h&;m
shorts: levi's
boots: target??
anyway, yesterday we went to this thrift/vintage store that i've never been to before. it's huuuuuge. (and i know my local thrift store is rather small as it's run by the church across the street, but still...) i scored two skirts, one from h&;m and one from old navy, a floor-length velvet dress in the prettiest burgundy color, a floral-print cardigan thing with crazy shoulder pads, a pair of rocketdog ballet flats, and 2 pairs of keds. 

this is the only semi-halfway decent pic i got of what i bought, all the other pictures turned out terrible cos of the bad lighting... they didn't look all that great on the hangers anyway. :/ i'll show you what they look like when i wear them in an outfit.
the cardigan-thingie is actually from the vintage section, and my mom swears it's the ugliest thing she's ever laid eyes on... which makes me love it so much more. <3 i'm planning emergency surgery on it and the floor-length dress, to make them a little more wearable than they are now, if you get what i mean...

the flats also have this funky criss-cross thing going on (like ballerina shoes!), so it took me a few tries to figure out how to put them on, heh heh heh. i've never thrifted shoes before, but i'm rather pleased with the pairs i got. there was also this amazing pair of spectator shoes, but they were a bit pointy for my taste so i didn't get them. no regret... yet. 

altogether a good use of a rainy saturday, i'd say. :)


guys are sweet, but so is sugar

here are some pics i took of some flowers i got the other day a while ago. (if you couldn't tell ;)) they're for my photo class, and are supposed to represent mortality/permanence vs. impermanence in general. i'm layering them with a few other pictures i've taken to create a sort of montage... maybe i'll post the final product too, if i think it turned out well enough. i promise loads of outfit posts too, esp. since tomorrow is saturday and i'll be able to (finally) schedule some during the week. :) plus i'm going to this new vintage store i've never been to before tomorrow, and it's supposed to be really good. :) i'm so excited!!


(upside down-i know)

i just kind of liked the contrast between the (dying) flowers and the brick/concrete/metal...


tutu mania

i've had these pics saved in my computer forever, so i don't remember where they're from... but the viktor & rolf collection made me think of them so i dredged them up from the dark recesses of my inpiration folder. sorry for the lack of posts, i've been really busy plus we just got a super-cold snap so while adjusting to the new freezing cold temperatures i've mostly been wearing a lot of sweatshirts. bleh. :/ back to real posting next week! (whatever that is, anyway...)

so ta-ta for now, lovlies! thank you for not abandoning me like i have you. i'll try to return comments asap!

edit: i've been told the first one is by bec parsons, thanks pigtails and blushing cheeks! 


tights binge

 teal tights=love

in an effort to make outfit pictures more interesting... may i present jump shots! well, balancing-on-one-leg-while-wearing-heels shots, just as difficult and should therefore receive the same applause. 

yes, i think we all agree balancing on one foot in heels is hard.

aaaaand the obligatory close-ups.

 tank top: target
skirt: marshall's
tights: lord and taylor
cardigan: thrifted (originally american eagle)
necklace: made by me
shoes: square 12, originally "bronze" dyed black by me

for some reason i felt very gossip-girl-esque in this. it's not even really that preppy, either... and i think having teal legs may have been one of my subconscious life goals (you mean you don't have those? ;)). i just felt so accomplished when i wore them. and speaking of tights, i went on a tights buying spree, which resulted in these, some really pretty black sheers from lord and taylor (thank you, fritha louise, for proving once and for all sheer tights are for daytime too), and then a whole bunch from payless.

from the left to right, argyle, houndstooth, and plain black. i bought plum ones, too. unfortunately, they had a hole when i took them out of the package. which, when i decided to wear them anyway (never said i was good at judgement calls), expanded into a giant gash on my thigh. :(

oh, and i know i haven't posted in a while. but i'm going to skip the whole "i'm such a bad blogger" thing (even though it's true) cos i hate it when other bloggers apologize for having lives. (and i'm not saying that bloggers don't have lives! i just meant that sometimes it's more important/crazy/fun/interesting to be in the "real world" instead of in front of a computer screen...) anyway, last week at our school was homecoming, so lots of school spirit, dancing, dressing up, ect! very fun. :) pictures will be posted at a later date, i promise. *this is where you roll your eyes and say "suuure you will" in a sarcastic voice*

and i forgot to include this in the fashion week post, but i loved the entire viktor and rolf collection. it was totally insane.

i thought it was funny how their theme was "cutting back," and instead of going the recession-friendly route, they took it in a more literal way...  :)

and i just collaged my notebooks (using my copiousspare time while i avoid blogging) (just kidding!!) which turned out better than i expected them to. here's a teaser, as i'm rather pleased with them and you can expect more pics soon!

i have a 3-day weekend so i'm especially happy..... :D hope all your weekends are lovely too!



i mentioned before that i was taking a photo class, and so far it's kind of eh.basically we've been working a lot with photoshop* and talking about concepts like unusual perspectives and lighting. here i was just playing around during lunch with my friend's water bottle and the (unused-since-cellphones-were-invented) payphone in front of my school. (and sorry if this post is a little blah, i'm super-tired from a late but totally fun and crazy and awesome night last night. hopefully it will appear in post-form any day now...) and i know this has nothing to do with fashion, but last week my camera died, and i haven't been able to fix it yet........ so how have all your weekends been?!

*oh, and by the way, all thses pictures are in their unedited, pre-photoshop from.