the magic of makeup

paris vouge did a photoshoot a while ago where they used makeup, lighting, posing, and different hairstyles to make a 20-year-old model look 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60. the scary part is, it really seems to work!
i wonder what it would be like to see what you might look like in as a 60-year old... except in only a few hours instead of 40 years...
here's the youngest photo: 10 years old

and here's the oldest: 60 years old

crazy, huh?

see the whole thing here.


reasons i *love* bloglovin':

1.) it's so much easier to follow all the blogs you read regularly...
2.) ...instead of checking each individual blog (*ahem*multiple) times a day to check for new posts, because all bloggers' who have blogs that i read sole purpose in life is too write entertaining posts for me alone. ;)
you can register your own blog and see many people follow it. (you can also follow other people's blogs even if they haven't registered them.
4.) plus, it let's you save posts you really like, instead of bookmarking all of them.

bloglovin' really is my new favorite thing. every time i open it, it says, "oh, you have 9 new posts from all your favorite blogs!" i'm not kidding, it's like getting a special little present or something!and i know that other people have been doing this forever, but i just started using it, and can't believe i can't believe i didn't start using it earlier...

now you can follow musings of a born socialite, too!! i have 1 follower, which i'm very proud of, considering i don't think anyone actually reads this.

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i loved pocahontas as a little kid...

...the disney version, that is. ;)

i don't know about you, but i've been seeing moccasins everywhere.
not exactly your typical, native-american (must be politically correct!) version, though:

more of what i like to call the "grandpa's-old-slippers" version:

which i don't think looks that great on anyone (no offense, gramps).
unlike the grandpa/boyfriend cardi, i really don't like this trend. that was until i found these:

and then these:

who could resist these?!

yes, i might just have to re-think this whole trend...

(and yes, i do have a shoe obsession, did you really need to ask?)


happy valentine's day!!

today i didn't do anything valentine's day related at all (except get a rose!! aww!!), but yesterday totally made up for it. ;) anyway, i had this really cool polyvore thingie, which for some reason no longer exists... strange...
anyway, i think the stylish wan
derer had the best v-day outfit i've seen. ever.
so make sure to eat some chocolate, tell someone you love them, and do something crazy for me, k??


proof i really need a thicker skin

especially, i guess, with a blog and all....
it just annoys me when people are like, "your wearing [insert thing that might be kind of unusual for classes but not *majorly* weird-something like bright lipstick or something]" and i'm like, "yeah. i know. so?" and then they're like, "uh huh...an-nd?" like i'm supposed to apologize for it or something. it especially pisses me off when they don't get the hint that the conversation is over and try to bring it up whenever they might see me again, anywhere from 10 minutes to a week later. sometimes i just feel like saying, "ok-i get the point. yeah, whatever i'm wearing migt be unique and you feel the need to point that out. constantly. i don't even know your name, so please stop telling me what you think of how i dress."
whew. i feel much better now. :) i needed to get that out of my system.
just a little incident today that made me snap.


retro vs. vintage: what's the difference?

when i think of "vintage," i usually think of elegant, old clothing from decades ago.

when i think of "retro," i think of funky, brightly colored garb from decades ago.

what's the difference?

according to fashion in my eyes,

"a clothing item is considered vintage if it dates from 1920 to 1960. after that date, an item is considered to be retro, not vintage."

wow. ok... that actually makes sense to me.
so now i have a new question:
what's the difference between antique and used??

**stupid blogger won't let me use pictures right now, that's why this post doesn't have any. :( sorry. will try to fix that asap.**


you must live under a rock...

if you haven't seen the ads for maybelline greatlash mascara:
the pink and green phenomenon sweeping the nation.

what a load of b.s.
i've been using it for a few weeks now (i admit it's just because i don't have a replacement yet), and wow, does it not live up to it's hype or what?! i'm not the only person to notice this, either. friends, other bloggers, even my own mother knew how crappy it is!!
it doesn't last, it's really clumpy, smeary, ect. grrr... especially with all the adds everywhere. you would think they might spend a little less on marketing and a little more on the formula itself.

i've been using blackest black (the washable kind) and it's highly pigmented, but that's really the only positive thing i can say about it.

so just take my advice: don't waste your money on this... this... pink and green monstrosity, ok?

...no matter how pretty the packaging the packaging is.