i loved pocahontas as a little kid...

...the disney version, that is. ;)

i don't know about you, but i've been seeing moccasins everywhere.
not exactly your typical, native-american (must be politically correct!) version, though:

more of what i like to call the "grandpa's-old-slippers" version:

which i don't think looks that great on anyone (no offense, gramps).
unlike the grandpa/boyfriend cardi, i really don't like this trend. that was until i found these:

and then these:

who could resist these?!

yes, i might just have to re-think this whole trend...

(and yes, i do have a shoe obsession, did you really need to ask?)

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KD said...

Word on the shoe obsession! I've been so overexposed to moccasins, though (they're on EVERY SINGLE GIRL in my school) that I wouldn't wear them, but they are mighty cute!