"quality before quantity" and other useless advice...

we've heard all the cliches on spending on our wardrobes:
"always spend as much as you can afford on basics"
"quality before quantity"
blah blah blah.
if someone asked me, "would you rather buy three pairs of cheap, don't-fit-so-well jeans, or one pair of fabulous, super-flattering ones for the combined price of the 1st three, which would you choose?"
i can tell you in a second i would choose the three pairs of not-so-hot jeans. no competition. the thing is, i have really long legs (for my height), so it's kind of hard to find jeans, ect. that are long enough. so when i find any that are even halfway decent, i snap them up. even if they're not the most flattering jeans in the world. so right now, i have about 5 pairs of jeans, only one of which i think is actually, truly, flattering. not kidding. that makes me kind of sad. as in, i've spent all this money on jeans (which i wear practically everyday), and i know they don't look as great as they should, and i still wear them anyway.it's hard to be picky, especially when you think you really need something. so now that i have a (mostly) functioning wardrobe, i'm trying to buy only flattering things. (but there's a snowball's chance in hell that i'm suddenly going to start spending my whole clothes budget on basics. ;))


why multipurpose items r-u-l-e!!!

when i heard about the american apparel circle scarf, i was like, "what's the big deal??" $30 for an oversize piece of fabric sewn in a circle? i didn't really like how cirlce scarves looked, either. but then i saw people wearing them in all sorts of cool ways, like as little capes and even skirts. on the website, they even show you all the ways you could wear them.

i especially like the doubled up, caplet, and halter top ones.

now i think i might just have to own one. i mean, i love multipurpose items, like skirts that can also be dresses. but this is what, 36 ways?!?!

i'm thinking either black or asphalt. :)



tomorrow's forcast: 35 degrees fahrenheit*

i don't know about you, but where i live, winter doesn't really start until mid-january. sure, it's cold, but everything before christmas is nothing compared to the weather we get in january/febuary. so, naturally, this is the time all sorts of spring clothes start popping up everywhere. sandals, sundresses, bikinis, the works. and here i am, still dressing as if i'm preparing to face artic-type temperatures, dreaming about the fabulous things i should be able to wear, oh, in 3 or 4 months or so. :( i thinks designers just so that just to watch the rest of us with real, full-length winters squirm.

so, even though going outside without socks right now is practically foot suicide, here are some spring-y sandals i've been lusting over...

aren't they amazing?? *swoon....*
**forcast courtsy of weather.com


"whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."

^quote by bo derek
(you can also find more fabulous shopping quotes here.

if you couldn't tell, i looooooooooooove shopping. :)
(and if you really couldn't tell, i'd be a little worried about you.)

here are my fave tried-and-true shopping tips. i know some of them are a little cliche, but bear with me, ok?

~have a shopping list, or at least a basic idea of what you're looking for. otherwise you'll just end up spending money on something you don't really want. (er... what are you talking about? i'm speaking hypothetically, not from experience, or course...;))

~wear easy to take on/off clothing. neutral colors are good because they match everything you try on. bringing a belt, camisole, ect. also helps, in case something you try on needs one of those items.

~doing your homework can really pay off!! checking a store's website before heading to the mall can save you a ton of money. signing up for favorite store's newsletter can is worth doing, as you can get special deals not availible to non-members.

~again, i know budgets aren't any fun. but you do need to eat, and anyway, you still need to save for the spring collections. ;) so don't bring more cash than you're comfortable with spending, and don't even think about credit cards!

~don't waste your money on anything you don't absolutely l-o-v-e. even if it's a $5 shirt, if you never wear it, that's $5 wasted. then again, if you spend $75 on a pair of boots you wear eveyday, using cost-per-wear, that's cents everytime you put them on. cost-per-wear only decreases the more you wear something, so don't just save expensive things for special occasions!! get your money's worth! (and i'm aware that wasn't really a shopping tip. just think of it as a bit of freebie advice.)

speaking of which, i really want to go shopping soon (espacially with the 4-day weekend!), i'm i'm definetly planning to use these tips.


the coveted boots

i really want a good pair of knee high boots. (or several, if possible.) the thing is, i'm really picky when it comes to shoes.
right now i'm looking for:
~awesome, insanely bight rubber rain boots
~plain black knee-high boots (this is actually a lot harder than you think!!)
~a sort of bohemian type of boots, that i could also wear in summer
~a cute pair of booties! (very fall, i know.)
then i found these at charlotte russe:
i fell in love. however, there's a tragic ending to this love story. when i went to buy them, it said they were all sold out!! the horror!!! i was miserable. then, guess what i found at amiclubwear?
yay!! i was so happy. it had to be fate. fast-forward to today: check out target's boot section, and i bet you'll never guess what i found there!!
how did you know??
huh. and here i was, thinking i had found the most perfect, unique boots ever. what worries me, though, is that the quality seems to diminish every new place i find them. ...or is it just me? so, right now i'm pretty sure i'm going to snap them up. has this ever happened to anyone, or is just through my good/bad luck that this happened??...


i admit, i have trouble with commitment...

forget guys, i'm talking about nail polish!
i put a lot of thought into choosing what color to paint my nails because i'm o.c.d. like that. (as in, will this not clash with what i'm wearing tomorrow?? how easily does it chip? stuff like that.) so in the end, i usually end up not painting them at all. i also hate when the polish makes my skin look weird, like brownish/pinkish/yellowish, ect. but a lot of times, the stupid polish looks totally different in the bottle than it does on my nails!! grrr... but i've found a solution!!
check this out!
you choose your skin color, then click on different colored polishes to see what different colors might look like on you. the only things i don't like about it is that i wish they had more skin tones (the closest to mine was the second lightest), and that the nails are so long, they almost look like talons. but for someone as obsessive as me, i could spend hours with this... have fun!!
p.s. i tried to add a picture, but it didn't work so well. see??
it's just one of the fingertips! you can barely tell what it is...


to slash or not to slash...

my jeans, silly. did you think i was talking about my wrists?? geez, i'm not like that... and judging me already from my what, 4th? 5th post?
whatever. you're forgiven. anyway, moving on.
i always thought it was weird that people would purposely rip their jeans or even *gasp* buy them "distressed." ok, so now i understand the whole "worn in" look, but what about obviously slashed jeans?
like these?
i guess i would describe my style as very sweet and cutesy, but at the same time kind of edgy/tough at the same time, which i think keeps me from looking like a five-year-old and adds interest/dimension. so i would love to try out jeans like gala's or hannah's under a flowy, frilly white minidress or something. i'm not sure if i could pull it off, though...
i would love to try to diy it with black jeans, so right now i'm looking for a good (read: cheap) pair of black jeans. i'm thinking straight leg??
here the instructions, according to gala darling:

"How did I do it? I put them on, then grabbed a pair of scissors & made horizontal cuts along one leg (being very careful not to stab a big hole in my femur). I looked in the mirror as I did it so see whether an area needed more or less cuts, etc. Then I took them off & did the other leg. I held them up in front of the mirror to assess if they were even. Then! The pièce de résistance! I put them in the washing machine, then tumble-dried them. They came out perfectly — well-frayed, slightly fluffy & nicely distressed looking. By the way, the longer the cuts, the better they look… In my opinion!"

wish me luck! ;)


a shoe-inspired manicure? what is the world coming to?...

i'm not huge into brands and designers and whatever, but even i recognize the famed red louboutin heels. (actually, they're one of the only brands of high-end shoes i recognize, but let's not get into that right now...) anyway, on all lacquered up, or another one of the many nail blogs i read, i discovered this:

yes folks, this is a shoe-inspired manicure.
the top of the nail (where nail polish is traditionally put) is painted black, while the underside of the tip of the nail is bright red. i suppose this would only work with long nails, but how cool would it be to say, "like my louboutin manicure? i just got it last friday, dah-ling."
apparently london's charles worthington salon originally created it, but i've seen a lot of people try to recreate it. zoe pocock (the one who does the manicures) says that to do the red, she trimmed all but three bristles from the brush of her red nail polish. china glaze has also made a nail polish set specifically for this look, but with a shimmery, glittery red/black combo. i love china glaze, but how hard would it be to get glitter off the underside of your nails? answer:very hard, for those of you who have never tried to remove glitter nail polish.
i guess this is perfect for those of us who wish we could own a pair of heels with red soles, but wish the pricetag was a little lower. ;)


5 instant ways to look runway-ready!

looking at other blogger's "what i wore today" pictures, i think i've found 5 failsafe ways to look glamorous and very high fashion-y in a matter of seconds. here they are for your viewing pleasure! (watch out, these ideas are to be taken on only under advisement. only you know if you can really pull some of these off. as in, your friends may look at you funny if you usually wear jeans and a hoodie, then suddenly show up wearing a (faux!!) fur stole. don't be a poseur!)

1.tights-not leggings, no, they have to be tights. (not nude pantyhose type things either.) anything from opaque black to textured ones to a whole range of colored ones works, and it instantly lifts your style quotient. (watch out for lighter colored one/white ones, though, they tend to make your legs looks...ahem...wider than they really are.) right now i'm in love with tights, especially the textured tights. (i'll have to do a
post about that soon...) bonus points they match your shoes, which also make your legs look about a million miles long. :) this is easiest accomplished with black.

2. a dark, slightly shimmery shade of nail polish can do wonders for your look. it can make even a tee and jeans combo look polished and glamorous, and dresses you up instantly. a word of warning, however: a dramatic color like this requires shorter nails, or it might look a little too vampy for daywear.) i like a deep reddish hue, or even maroon works. plum is also a great alternative. black, while seeming like the ultimate dark, is usually really flat (opaque/not sparkly), and can make people think you're goth.

3. when wearing a skirt/dress with a coat/cardigan/other type of cover-up on top, try to choose a pair where the hemlines match up. it really pulls the whole outfit together, and makes it look like the skirt/dress and coat were made for each other. this works best on short/knee length outfits. make sure the dress/skirt ends at a flattering length, because that's where the eye will be drawn to. also, try not to make the outer layer too pouffy, since when layering, you usually try to avoid looking like a cat lady, with all you layers ending at the same place.

4. ok, i'm sure you've heard this before, but shoes really do make the outfit. (i'm planning to do a shoe post soon.) crazy heels and wedges are a good quick fix to make your ensemble dressier. the higher, the better!! ;) note:this is only for a runway look, not actual comfort or anything silly like that...

5. fur. literally, status symbol in a single garment. just remember this simple formula on how to wear fur: one otherwise plain outfit+one luxurious fur=many envious looks (and a bonus:added warmth!!:) ) ***very important!! i do not advocate the wearing and buying of fur of any kind, even vintage!! i believe it is cruel and disgusting, but there are still many great faux fur items out there!!***


i *know* new year's eve is over...

but, i still want a sequin-y minidress anyway. it's inexplicable, i know.
to tell the truth, i was wearing a tunic top and leggings when thew ball dropped. not much of note, as i spent the evening at home with the fam. :) so i didn't have a fabulous party dress to wear or anything.
i especially like these two from forever 21.

i don't know where i'll wear it, but i'll find some way, even if i have to throw a party so i can show it off. :)


re-building a wardrobe from the bottom up

you know how almost every fashion blog out there has some sort of advice for closet clean-outs? they always say (yes, every single one of them) to get rid of the things you don't totally love.
well, as i've gone through my closet, i've found that i'll hold something up, find exactly one other thing it matches with, decide i don't really like it (it doesn't inspire me or make me look good), and hang it back up anyway. and then wear it the next day because i feel guilty for not wearing it. this happens a lot especially with clothes that were expensive, or that i received as a gift. if i did what most people say to do, i would barely have any clothes left.

;) so, other than a few basics (and a couple other items), i'm basically re-building my wardrobe almost completely from scratch.

so to the right, i have a (very extensive, as you can see) shopping list for filling in my wardrobe gaps. they're not really in any particular order, but the newer ones are at the top. (i'll try to put up link and/or pics, too. eventually.)


happy new year!!

happy 2009, everyone!
mmm...ok, some facts about me:

i really like lists (as you'll probably be able to tell from my posts), photoshoots, getting dressed up, new zealand accents, cheesy pickup lines, new york city (my favorite place on earth...), the smell of rain, nutella... shall i continue? oh yeah, and i kind of start to blather on when there's no one around to shut me up. (like when i'm blogging. :) )

i guess i'll talk about trends, things i find fascinating in the world of fashion, my personal style discoveries, and maybe even a few "what i wore today" posts once i get my act together.

**by the way, i'm really sorry if my writing seems a little odd. i'm trying to find my writing "voice" right now. after a few posts, though, i'll probably be fine.

since it's the new year, here are some of my style resolutions for '09:
~i want to really work on developing my own style. i never understood how someone could say, "oh, i'm preppy," or "i'm bohemian." i don't think you can describe your style in one word without crippling all the available possibilities. what if one day you feel like hippie chic, but feel like an urban sophisticate the next? i want my wardrobe to reflect my changing personality, but at the same time, i want to consolidate the stuff i have so it doesn't look like my closet has a multiple personality disorder. i need a theme or something that ties everything together.
~i definitely need to start wearing spf more often. as in, every day.
~i'd like to start wearing more complete outfits, and not just throwing something together before i leave the house. i tend to do that, and it isn't nearly as much fun as stepping out in an outfit i love. as in, i'd like to be more chic on a day-to-day basis. this means flats instead of sneakers, sweaters and jackets instead of hoodies, and maybe throwing on a skirt or something instead of my usual jeans. it's all about branching out and taking risks!
~expanding my dress/skirt wardrobe is high on my priority list. i really do love them (and how they instantly give you an air of femininity!) but i just don't really wear them. it's time to change that. (ditto for expanding shoe wardrobe, accessory wardrobe, ect.)
~always always always washing my makeup off before going to sleep. i'm terrible about this, because i have really good skin, so there's no consequence since i don't break out if i don't wash. it's just those days when i'm almost too tired just to flop into bed...and travelling. isn't everyone a little lax with their skincare routine when they're traveling?? hmm... maybe something like facial wipes would help... have to look into that...
~i am trying to record every single outfit i wear, and how it turned out. was it a new favorite or a huge flop? and like i said before, if i deem any of them good enough, i might even post them here.

well, that's all i can think of for now. check back soon for more posts!
yeah, and sorry for such a long first post. without any pictures, either!!!