the coveted boots

i really want a good pair of knee high boots. (or several, if possible.) the thing is, i'm really picky when it comes to shoes.
right now i'm looking for:
~awesome, insanely bight rubber rain boots
~plain black knee-high boots (this is actually a lot harder than you think!!)
~a sort of bohemian type of boots, that i could also wear in summer
~a cute pair of booties! (very fall, i know.)
then i found these at charlotte russe:
i fell in love. however, there's a tragic ending to this love story. when i went to buy them, it said they were all sold out!! the horror!!! i was miserable. then, guess what i found at amiclubwear?
yay!! i was so happy. it had to be fate. fast-forward to today: check out target's boot section, and i bet you'll never guess what i found there!!
how did you know??
huh. and here i was, thinking i had found the most perfect, unique boots ever. what worries me, though, is that the quality seems to diminish every new place i find them. ...or is it just me? so, right now i'm pretty sure i'm going to snap them up. has this ever happened to anyone, or is just through my good/bad luck that this happened??...

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