re-building a wardrobe from the bottom up

you know how almost every fashion blog out there has some sort of advice for closet clean-outs? they always say (yes, every single one of them) to get rid of the things you don't totally love.
well, as i've gone through my closet, i've found that i'll hold something up, find exactly one other thing it matches with, decide i don't really like it (it doesn't inspire me or make me look good), and hang it back up anyway. and then wear it the next day because i feel guilty for not wearing it. this happens a lot especially with clothes that were expensive, or that i received as a gift. if i did what most people say to do, i would barely have any clothes left.

;) so, other than a few basics (and a couple other items), i'm basically re-building my wardrobe almost completely from scratch.

so to the right, i have a (very extensive, as you can see) shopping list for filling in my wardrobe gaps. they're not really in any particular order, but the newer ones are at the top. (i'll try to put up link and/or pics, too. eventually.)

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