"whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."

^quote by bo derek
(you can also find more fabulous shopping quotes here.

if you couldn't tell, i looooooooooooove shopping. :)
(and if you really couldn't tell, i'd be a little worried about you.)

here are my fave tried-and-true shopping tips. i know some of them are a little cliche, but bear with me, ok?

~have a shopping list, or at least a basic idea of what you're looking for. otherwise you'll just end up spending money on something you don't really want. (er... what are you talking about? i'm speaking hypothetically, not from experience, or course...;))

~wear easy to take on/off clothing. neutral colors are good because they match everything you try on. bringing a belt, camisole, ect. also helps, in case something you try on needs one of those items.

~doing your homework can really pay off!! checking a store's website before heading to the mall can save you a ton of money. signing up for favorite store's newsletter can is worth doing, as you can get special deals not availible to non-members.

~again, i know budgets aren't any fun. but you do need to eat, and anyway, you still need to save for the spring collections. ;) so don't bring more cash than you're comfortable with spending, and don't even think about credit cards!

~don't waste your money on anything you don't absolutely l-o-v-e. even if it's a $5 shirt, if you never wear it, that's $5 wasted. then again, if you spend $75 on a pair of boots you wear eveyday, using cost-per-wear, that's cents everytime you put them on. cost-per-wear only decreases the more you wear something, so don't just save expensive things for special occasions!! get your money's worth! (and i'm aware that wasn't really a shopping tip. just think of it as a bit of freebie advice.)

speaking of which, i really want to go shopping soon (espacially with the 4-day weekend!), i'm i'm definetly planning to use these tips.

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