to slash or not to slash...

my jeans, silly. did you think i was talking about my wrists?? geez, i'm not like that... and judging me already from my what, 4th? 5th post?
whatever. you're forgiven. anyway, moving on.
i always thought it was weird that people would purposely rip their jeans or even *gasp* buy them "distressed." ok, so now i understand the whole "worn in" look, but what about obviously slashed jeans?
like these?
i guess i would describe my style as very sweet and cutesy, but at the same time kind of edgy/tough at the same time, which i think keeps me from looking like a five-year-old and adds interest/dimension. so i would love to try out jeans like gala's or hannah's under a flowy, frilly white minidress or something. i'm not sure if i could pull it off, though...
i would love to try to diy it with black jeans, so right now i'm looking for a good (read: cheap) pair of black jeans. i'm thinking straight leg??
here the instructions, according to gala darling:

"How did I do it? I put them on, then grabbed a pair of scissors & made horizontal cuts along one leg (being very careful not to stab a big hole in my femur). I looked in the mirror as I did it so see whether an area needed more or less cuts, etc. Then I took them off & did the other leg. I held them up in front of the mirror to assess if they were even. Then! The pièce de résistance! I put them in the washing machine, then tumble-dried them. They came out perfectly — well-frayed, slightly fluffy & nicely distressed looking. By the way, the longer the cuts, the better they look… In my opinion!"

wish me luck! ;)

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Hannah Cheeto said...

I love mine! And I think these could be styled a lot of different ways to reflect your style. I basically made mine the exact same way Gala did.

P.S. I linked you!