...except less sexy and glamorous

this is what it looks like when my hair's been in a bun too long.


and i'm going to the beach for a week (i'm leaving today!), so i probably won't post anything until i get back. thank you for all your kind comments on my last post, and i hope you all have fun this summer! :)


my very first outfit post (so please, don't point/laugh!)

here's what i wore on june 16th (my birthday!). i've wanted to try tights with denim shorts forever, and am glad i did this day because it got really cold later on...

wow, do i look like cousin it or what?

t-shirt: junk food
shorts: old levi's i took the liberty of shortening

necklace: vintage, a gift
shoes: converse
cardi: forever 21

i really have to take a close-up of the necklace, as i think it's absolutely amazing...
anyway, if you read the title, this is my first outfit post. i know it's not very creative, but still. thoughts? comments?

p.s. this was supposed to post a few days ago, i have no idea why it didn't...


teasers, pronounciation guides, and super-easy d.i.y.'s

*hah, that kind of rhymes! :)
**is it just me, or are the post titles getting longer and longer?

i love love love summer, i'm so glad it's finally here! first things first, i have a few outfit posts in the works (eeeeeee!!! :)), but in the meantime, here is some awesome randomness (random awesomeness?) for your enjoyment:

i just got into designers/runway collections a little while ago, and have no idea whatsoever on how to pronounce their names. thank you, jessica, from keeping me from embarrassing myself in front of people who actually know what they're talking about. :)

the easiest d.i.y. in the world. no, really. it even says it in the title.

how to make your very own circle scarf: the easiest d.i.y. in the world
materials: one (1) large t-shirt in the color you want your scarf to be, and one (1) pair of scissors
time: about 1 minute, although it also depends how fast you can get your materials together.
steps: decide how wide you want your scarf to be. (hint: make it wider than you think it should be.) measure that far up from the bottom of the shirt, or just eyeball it. at that point, cut across both the front and the back of the shirt.

and ta-da! there you have it, your very own circle scarf. who says scarves are just for winter? though depending on how much shirt you have left, you also have a brand-new crop top! talk about recycling! and seasonal appropriate-ness! i even made an instructional diagram:


i guess this is why i have a whole section of my blog labeled "i change my mind a lot"

i swore i would never, ever be tempted to wear a romper/playsuit/bodysuit/whateveryouwanttocallit. i mean, i understand the draw of a one-piece outfit, but isn't that what cute dresses are for? why settle for an ugly romper-type thing when you could just throw on a cute little sundress instead? esp. because most rompers would look better in dress form anyway. however, let me present exhibit a:

i could totally imagine throwing this on instead of sweatpants, or maybe an a cold, rainy day. or whenever. i admit it... if it cost any less, it would be mine right now. (by the way, my birthday's in two days, and if anyone decided to buy me this, i would be a very, very happy fashion blogger... ;))

then we have exhibit b:
an etsy seller called imyourpresent. she has the best rompers i've ever seen. in. my. entire. life.

(floral short sleeved playsuit, $72.00)

she even offers a custom-made option, where you can choose whatever fabric you want.

now try telling me rompers are a lost cause.


where i blab for a while, then show pretty pictures

i just realized that my last post was my 50th. whoops. i meant to do something special, but oh well. ;) anyway, classes are almost over, so i'll be able to post more often. (final exams have really kept me busy these last couple weeks.) i think i'll also end up posting a lot of inspiration-type stuff, because i've actually saved so many pictures on my hard drive my computer's running out of memory. hee hee hee...

anyway, here are some alice in wonderland photoshoots that i thought were really amazing...

(source: ???)

lauren also did an alice in wonderland photoshoot for her photography final, where she portrayed the characters as if they lived in the modern world, which is awesome.

the white rabbit is an angry commuter:

alice is a sleepy student:

the caterpillar is a high school dropout/pothead:

one of the queen's cards is a minimum-wage worker:

and the mad hatter is a psych patient: