teasers, pronounciation guides, and super-easy d.i.y.'s

*hah, that kind of rhymes! :)
**is it just me, or are the post titles getting longer and longer?

i love love love summer, i'm so glad it's finally here! first things first, i have a few outfit posts in the works (eeeeeee!!! :)), but in the meantime, here is some awesome randomness (random awesomeness?) for your enjoyment:

i just got into designers/runway collections a little while ago, and have no idea whatsoever on how to pronounce their names. thank you, jessica, from keeping me from embarrassing myself in front of people who actually know what they're talking about. :)

the easiest d.i.y. in the world. no, really. it even says it in the title.

how to make your very own circle scarf: the easiest d.i.y. in the world
materials: one (1) large t-shirt in the color you want your scarf to be, and one (1) pair of scissors
time: about 1 minute, although it also depends how fast you can get your materials together.
steps: decide how wide you want your scarf to be. (hint: make it wider than you think it should be.) measure that far up from the bottom of the shirt, or just eyeball it. at that point, cut across both the front and the back of the shirt.

and ta-da! there you have it, your very own circle scarf. who says scarves are just for winter? though depending on how much shirt you have left, you also have a brand-new crop top! talk about recycling! and seasonal appropriate-ness! i even made an instructional diagram:


Rosie Unknown said...

I'm off to try it now! Although I think that I will be wearing the brand spanking new crop top with somewhat restrictive tank top. No need to terrify the world with my out of proportion tummy just yet :)

emily said...

rosie: tell me how it turns out!

Francie. said...

that's exciting. circular scarves, here i come! Show us the end result then!!

Shin said...

Interesting! I never thought it could be that easy! I'd definitely try it out! xxoxoxo

Belinda said...

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog! I dunno if you happened to see my post about a DIY Urban Outfitters t-shirt... i'm all over projects like these. Anything to make me feel rebellious or parsimonious. <3

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

that's a really great idea :) !!
i'm loving the fun photos in your header as well!
and thank you for dropping by ^^

fritha louise said...

ooh i'd never have thought of that! alot cheaper than buying the AA one!

Anonymous said...

love this :)