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i just realized that my last post was my 50th. whoops. i meant to do something special, but oh well. ;) anyway, classes are almost over, so i'll be able to post more often. (final exams have really kept me busy these last couple weeks.) i think i'll also end up posting a lot of inspiration-type stuff, because i've actually saved so many pictures on my hard drive my computer's running out of memory. hee hee hee...

anyway, here are some alice in wonderland photoshoots that i thought were really amazing...

(source: ???)

lauren also did an alice in wonderland photoshoot for her photography final, where she portrayed the characters as if they lived in the modern world, which is awesome.

the white rabbit is an angry commuter:

alice is a sleepy student:

the caterpillar is a high school dropout/pothead:

one of the queen's cards is a minimum-wage worker:

and the mad hatter is a psych patient:


Rosie Unknown said...

Hope the finals went well! Those pictures are awesome!

asunlitday said...

Those photos are so beautiful and they look like they'd be really, truly fun to shoot. I especially love the one where the girl is painting the flowers red.
And I just got I strong urge to watch Alice in Wonderland...