i guess this is why i have a whole section of my blog labeled "i change my mind a lot"

i swore i would never, ever be tempted to wear a romper/playsuit/bodysuit/whateveryouwanttocallit. i mean, i understand the draw of a one-piece outfit, but isn't that what cute dresses are for? why settle for an ugly romper-type thing when you could just throw on a cute little sundress instead? esp. because most rompers would look better in dress form anyway. however, let me present exhibit a:

i could totally imagine throwing this on instead of sweatpants, or maybe an a cold, rainy day. or whenever. i admit it... if it cost any less, it would be mine right now. (by the way, my birthday's in two days, and if anyone decided to buy me this, i would be a very, very happy fashion blogger... ;))

then we have exhibit b:
an etsy seller called imyourpresent. she has the best rompers i've ever seen. in. my. entire. life.

(floral short sleeved playsuit, $72.00)

she even offers a custom-made option, where you can choose whatever fabric you want.

now try telling me rompers are a lost cause.


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

haha, no problem in being convinced otherwise by such cute creations :) love the gold one with black peter pan collar , and hope you have fun on your birthday !!

Rosie Unknown said...

Have a happy birthday! I'm so in the same boat as you, but especially with skinny jeans, I hated them, but now I love them.

GraceFace said...

I think everyone changes their minds a lot, that's the whole fun of fashion ^^
Happy birthday!

Mac said...

that first grey romper is to die for. but i feel like, for me, rompers are just not very flattering and i much prefer dresses (for the time being.)

The Clothes Horse said...

I actually have a playsuit and I've never worn it...this is still a never for me. ;)

Shin said...

I know what you mean. At first, when they become a trend, I was like there's no way I'm going to wear this but they can be really cute!! I love the shorter one better than the long ones though! xxoxoxo

_nina_malvada_ said...

those playsuits are the cutest! love them both :)