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firstly, i'd like to say thanks to everyone who leaves comments for me! i love reading all of them. :)

anyway, i know it's a little late, but i've decided to do a mini-series on spring trends and such. (not one big post because i'm lazy and that takes too long, plus i like the instant gratification of typing something then immediately hitting the "publish" button.) it'll probably span the next few days/week.

just to clarify, to me, there are two types of trends. there are trends that are flaunted as the "hot new thing" of the season in all the magazines, which are usually toned-down versions of what we see on the runway. most people don't know that, or even know which designers/collections the original idea came from. the other type, what i think of as "fashion blogger" trends (as i see very few people in real life wearing these), which are exactly what was on the runway, but in a do-it-yourself type way. an example would be this lego hair pin thing...

a la marc jacobs spring runway show circa 2008...

a la fashion blogger is mental:

if you want to know how to make one yourself (and don't trust yourself to be able to do it on your own-but seriously, how hard could it be?) (those are famous last words, i tell you...) she has instructions here. hmmmm.... can you guess what i'll be up to this weekend? i give you 3 guesses...

it's like a secret message to other people who follow fashion closely- strike that, almost obsessively- saying something like "hey! i'm not a sheep either!" of course, it might get you a few stares from the mere mortals who aren't in the know, but isn't it cool knowing you're almost part of a secret society? ish...

anyway, check back soon for more! ;)


walk like an egyptian...

i admit it: i am cheap. especially when it comes to makeup. the only time i have ever considered spending more than $10 on makeup was for the guerlain terracotta loose powder kohl liner. (and $33=waaay more than $10. so it just wasn't goin' to happen.)

so thank god for the knock off version, by l'oreal, hip kohl eyeliner. (it costs $13=only a little more than $10.) (also, the photo on the website totally lie. the brown is much closer to black, and the blues aren't nearly as bright.)

also, yay for the sale going on (went on?) at cvs: buy one l'oreal eyeshadow/liner, get another one free. as you could probably tell, i am now the proud owner of two little vials of colored kohl, in black and in teal. i think i also need it in burgandy... remember that post?

go to apocalypstick to learn more about them, how to apply them, ect.

here is my review:
these kohls are really great, and highly pigmented. watch out, though, for all the fallout. i recommend tapping the wand on the edge of the tube before applying it and lots of q-tips. i wear contacts, but they didn't bother my eyes at all. :) they last a long time, but again, they can be kind of smudgy. the only other problem i had with them is that apperantly you can just apply it to your bottom waterline, blink, and transfer it to your top waterline. that doesn't work for me, so i have to apply it to my top waterline, too. one last thing: removing can be a real bitch. again, say it with me: q-tips!! ;) i would definetly recommend it, though, becuase you can either use a little in your lash line for a really clean look, or use more for a more party-ish look. it's amazing for tightlining.

btw, if you haven't heard of tightlining, here's what it pretty much is (and it totally changed how i apply eyeliner.) you color in the little space between your eyelashes, and it instantly makes them look tons thicker! if i don't feel like usuing eyeliner, sometimes i just smudge a tiny bit of mascara at the base of my lashes for the same effect.

p.s. i know this is a "fashion" blog, but i also think that hair/makeup make a huge difference in the way you look, so i include those types of posts, too.


return of the "cage skirt"

btw, this is basically the first ten results google comes up with when you google "cage skirt." availible for sale here.

i first i was like, that seems kind of weird. what good is a skirt you have to wear another skirt under? but then i kept seeing them in the most amazing outfits...

then i saw this.

holy shit. how amazing-ly awesome/gasp worthy is this?! a cage skirt that's actually a bird cage.
i mean, isn't this what fashion is supposed to be?? "wearable art" and all that? plus, you can make one yourself in only 25 easy steps!


who i want to be when i grow up...

alternate titles:
"queen of the self-portrait"
"kamikaze dressing room photography"

how can you not love this girl?!...


eye candy!

this photoshoot is called "bollywood dreams," and i want to say it's from vouge or something, but i'm not totally sure...
**edit** thanks, fritha louise! this ed is from vogue india cia 2007.

just wow. look at those feathers!! look at those pearls!! kinda grungy, but glamorous at the same time...

i love the pic where she's sitting on the trunks. :)

this just might be one of my favorite photoshoots ever...


the paradox of the blue tights...

source: lebonbonmulticolore

i wonder if she made the t-shirt based on the tights/shoes, or created the outfit around the tee.
but really, what's not to love?


why you *really* should watch yesman

zooey deschanel. oh, and the costumes. and the insane laughter that's bound to happen during the first 5 minutes of the movie.

yesterday, i watched yesman for the first time, and i have to say that i loved it. it's a totally hilarious movie (jim carrey is great), but my favorite character by far was allison, played by zooey deschanel. and then there were the costumes. *sigh......*

do not read ahead if you want to see the movie and haven't yet, as there are some minor plot spoilers.

so, the first time we see zooey, she's on her scooter, being very safe and all with her helmet and her helmet is just so... so... like something a five-year-old would wear, except she can totally pull it off.

this was the only picture i could find of the first jogging scene, but as i was watching, this was exactly what i was thinking:
hmmm... very touching scene, blah blah blah. maybe i should get some ice cream... wait!! omigod, look at her outfit!! it's absolutely perfect. why can't i look like that when i run?!...

but seriously. i would love that outfit.

allison is also in a band, and comes out on stage in ensembles that could only be described as... interesting. still, of course, very cute.

and then, when allison and carl get on a plane to nebraska (or something like that), zooey wears this amazing navy coat with red piping that seems so prim and proper to me, but fun/playful at the same time.

so, overall impression of the movie? funny, good moral, ect. but the costumes were to die for. i would recommend it. :)


happy april fool's day!!

no pranks for me this year (but god, the stories i could tell!), but some of my favorite bloggers did some specially themed posts to celebrate the big day. check out doe deere blogazine if you want to laugh your ass off, and angie really scared me, too. it took me halfway through the second paragraph for me to realize she was joking! so, hope you all had fun today. :)