walk like an egyptian...

i admit it: i am cheap. especially when it comes to makeup. the only time i have ever considered spending more than $10 on makeup was for the guerlain terracotta loose powder kohl liner. (and $33=waaay more than $10. so it just wasn't goin' to happen.)

so thank god for the knock off version, by l'oreal, hip kohl eyeliner. (it costs $13=only a little more than $10.) (also, the photo on the website totally lie. the brown is much closer to black, and the blues aren't nearly as bright.)

also, yay for the sale going on (went on?) at cvs: buy one l'oreal eyeshadow/liner, get another one free. as you could probably tell, i am now the proud owner of two little vials of colored kohl, in black and in teal. i think i also need it in burgandy... remember that post?

go to apocalypstick to learn more about them, how to apply them, ect.

here is my review:
these kohls are really great, and highly pigmented. watch out, though, for all the fallout. i recommend tapping the wand on the edge of the tube before applying it and lots of q-tips. i wear contacts, but they didn't bother my eyes at all. :) they last a long time, but again, they can be kind of smudgy. the only other problem i had with them is that apperantly you can just apply it to your bottom waterline, blink, and transfer it to your top waterline. that doesn't work for me, so i have to apply it to my top waterline, too. one last thing: removing can be a real bitch. again, say it with me: q-tips!! ;) i would definetly recommend it, though, becuase you can either use a little in your lash line for a really clean look, or use more for a more party-ish look. it's amazing for tightlining.

btw, if you haven't heard of tightlining, here's what it pretty much is (and it totally changed how i apply eyeliner.) you color in the little space between your eyelashes, and it instantly makes them look tons thicker! if i don't feel like usuing eyeliner, sometimes i just smudge a tiny bit of mascara at the base of my lashes for the same effect.

p.s. i know this is a "fashion" blog, but i also think that hair/makeup make a huge difference in the way you look, so i include those types of posts, too.


Anonymous said...

i'm a bit of a stickler for makeup pricing as well, though i've gotten a ton of money for my birthday so i'm thinking a huge shopping spree at sephora is in order :-)


fritha louise said...

I wish we could get the HIP range in the uk, I'll have to look out for something similar. Really want to try out that tightlining now!

elle victoire said...

wow these reviews are great! i especially like how you mention contact lenses - i wear them, and they sometimes give me problems when applying makeup. great blog :)

The Clothes Horse said...

I am addicted to black eyeliner--but I must say my bottle does not look like that!

Kay said...

Ooh I am obsessed with eyeliner so this post is fantastic! I will check it out - I can't afford to get my Benefit Badgal one again.

Savvy Mode SG said...

hm... sounds complicated for me. but very interesting, will check it out.

Couture Carrie said...

Fab reviews!
Awesome blog!


Pansieberry said...

I didn't know kohl was a popular makeup - just shows how up to date i am with beauty products, lol!
lovely blog!

victoria.. said...

ahaha i usually spend more money on makeup because its going on my face, and it has to be good. like wont make me break out in a rash and whatnot.
but i like that you find the knockoff versions.

KD said...

I have never bought any make-up for myself, but I'll be sure to come back to this blog for advice on which brand. :-) In answer to your question: I used this tutorial, which does a much better and simpler job of explaining it than I ever could. :-)

Shin said...

I'm completely clueless when it comes to makeup so your post is very helpful! I also think you have a very lovely blog with really thoughtful and interesting posts! To answer your question, I'm wearing Jeffrey Campbell gladiator heels in black that I bought from Nordstrom. xxoxoxoxoxo