i admit, i have trouble with commitment...

forget guys, i'm talking about nail polish!
i put a lot of thought into choosing what color to paint my nails because i'm o.c.d. like that. (as in, will this not clash with what i'm wearing tomorrow?? how easily does it chip? stuff like that.) so in the end, i usually end up not painting them at all. i also hate when the polish makes my skin look weird, like brownish/pinkish/yellowish, ect. but a lot of times, the stupid polish looks totally different in the bottle than it does on my nails!! grrr... but i've found a solution!!
check this out!
you choose your skin color, then click on different colored polishes to see what different colors might look like on you. the only things i don't like about it is that i wish they had more skin tones (the closest to mine was the second lightest), and that the nails are so long, they almost look like talons. but for someone as obsessive as me, i could spend hours with this... have fun!!
p.s. i tried to add a picture, but it didn't work so well. see??
it's just one of the fingertips! you can barely tell what it is...

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yiqin; said...

Sometimes I like to match my nail colors to what I am wearing but that takes up too much work :/