"quality before quantity" and other useless advice...

we've heard all the cliches on spending on our wardrobes:
"always spend as much as you can afford on basics"
"quality before quantity"
blah blah blah.
if someone asked me, "would you rather buy three pairs of cheap, don't-fit-so-well jeans, or one pair of fabulous, super-flattering ones for the combined price of the 1st three, which would you choose?"
i can tell you in a second i would choose the three pairs of not-so-hot jeans. no competition. the thing is, i have really long legs (for my height), so it's kind of hard to find jeans, ect. that are long enough. so when i find any that are even halfway decent, i snap them up. even if they're not the most flattering jeans in the world. so right now, i have about 5 pairs of jeans, only one of which i think is actually, truly, flattering. not kidding. that makes me kind of sad. as in, i've spent all this money on jeans (which i wear practically everyday), and i know they don't look as great as they should, and i still wear them anyway.it's hard to be picky, especially when you think you really need something. so now that i have a (mostly) functioning wardrobe, i'm trying to buy only flattering things. (but there's a snowball's chance in hell that i'm suddenly going to start spending my whole clothes budget on basics. ;))


Hannah Cheeto said...

A lot of the time I find myself going with quantity, not quality when I'm shopping. Oh well! I like cheap things.

Mrs. Makeover said...

Too often, I go for quantity over quality. I'm working to change that. Just because I can get 5 shirts for $20 doesn't mean I should, ya know?

I've turned into such a cheapie that it's negatively affecting my wardrobe.