you must live under a rock...

if you haven't seen the ads for maybelline greatlash mascara:
the pink and green phenomenon sweeping the nation.

what a load of b.s.
i've been using it for a few weeks now (i admit it's just because i don't have a replacement yet), and wow, does it not live up to it's hype or what?! i'm not the only person to notice this, either. friends, other bloggers, even my own mother knew how crappy it is!!
it doesn't last, it's really clumpy, smeary, ect. grrr... especially with all the adds everywhere. you would think they might spend a little less on marketing and a little more on the formula itself.

i've been using blackest black (the washable kind) and it's highly pigmented, but that's really the only positive thing i can say about it.

so just take my advice: don't waste your money on this... this... pink and green monstrosity, ok?

...no matter how pretty the packaging the packaging is.

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Hannah Cheeto said...

Hmm it's really interesting how different people have really different opinions on what kind of mascara works best. I've heard a lot of people bash Great Lash, but it's always worked fine for me when I used to use it. But how could I not buy it, when it was $5 and you got a free tube of waterproof as well? =P But on the other hand I splurged on a tube of Diorshow Blackout and the results are rather underwhelming... but I guess it varies from person to person. I agree that it's only so popular because it's so pretty and is advertised so much.