proof i really need a thicker skin

especially, i guess, with a blog and all....
it just annoys me when people are like, "your wearing [insert thing that might be kind of unusual for classes but not *majorly* weird-something like bright lipstick or something]" and i'm like, "yeah. i know. so?" and then they're like, "uh huh...an-nd?" like i'm supposed to apologize for it or something. it especially pisses me off when they don't get the hint that the conversation is over and try to bring it up whenever they might see me again, anywhere from 10 minutes to a week later. sometimes i just feel like saying, "ok-i get the point. yeah, whatever i'm wearing migt be unique and you feel the need to point that out. constantly. i don't even know your name, so please stop telling me what you think of how i dress."
whew. i feel much better now. :) i needed to get that out of my system.
just a little incident today that made me snap.

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