5 instant ways to look runway-ready!

looking at other blogger's "what i wore today" pictures, i think i've found 5 failsafe ways to look glamorous and very high fashion-y in a matter of seconds. here they are for your viewing pleasure! (watch out, these ideas are to be taken on only under advisement. only you know if you can really pull some of these off. as in, your friends may look at you funny if you usually wear jeans and a hoodie, then suddenly show up wearing a (faux!!) fur stole. don't be a poseur!)

1.tights-not leggings, no, they have to be tights. (not nude pantyhose type things either.) anything from opaque black to textured ones to a whole range of colored ones works, and it instantly lifts your style quotient. (watch out for lighter colored one/white ones, though, they tend to make your legs looks...ahem...wider than they really are.) right now i'm in love with tights, especially the textured tights. (i'll have to do a
post about that soon...) bonus points they match your shoes, which also make your legs look about a million miles long. :) this is easiest accomplished with black.

2. a dark, slightly shimmery shade of nail polish can do wonders for your look. it can make even a tee and jeans combo look polished and glamorous, and dresses you up instantly. a word of warning, however: a dramatic color like this requires shorter nails, or it might look a little too vampy for daywear.) i like a deep reddish hue, or even maroon works. plum is also a great alternative. black, while seeming like the ultimate dark, is usually really flat (opaque/not sparkly), and can make people think you're goth.

3. when wearing a skirt/dress with a coat/cardigan/other type of cover-up on top, try to choose a pair where the hemlines match up. it really pulls the whole outfit together, and makes it look like the skirt/dress and coat were made for each other. this works best on short/knee length outfits. make sure the dress/skirt ends at a flattering length, because that's where the eye will be drawn to. also, try not to make the outer layer too pouffy, since when layering, you usually try to avoid looking like a cat lady, with all you layers ending at the same place.

4. ok, i'm sure you've heard this before, but shoes really do make the outfit. (i'm planning to do a shoe post soon.) crazy heels and wedges are a good quick fix to make your ensemble dressier. the higher, the better!! ;) note:this is only for a runway look, not actual comfort or anything silly like that...

5. fur. literally, status symbol in a single garment. just remember this simple formula on how to wear fur: one otherwise plain outfit+one luxurious fur=many envious looks (and a bonus:added warmth!!:) ) ***very important!! i do not advocate the wearing and buying of fur of any kind, even vintage!! i believe it is cruel and disgusting, but there are still many great faux fur items out there!!***


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent post! I might just take a cue from you and assemble my own self-portraiture tips.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I actually did it! I posted a similar post: http://dirtydirtylaundry.wordpress.com/2009/05/13/how-to-refine-your-self-portraiture-part-i-polishing-your-look/