happy new year!!

happy 2009, everyone!
mmm...ok, some facts about me:

i really like lists (as you'll probably be able to tell from my posts), photoshoots, getting dressed up, new zealand accents, cheesy pickup lines, new york city (my favorite place on earth...), the smell of rain, nutella... shall i continue? oh yeah, and i kind of start to blather on when there's no one around to shut me up. (like when i'm blogging. :) )

i guess i'll talk about trends, things i find fascinating in the world of fashion, my personal style discoveries, and maybe even a few "what i wore today" posts once i get my act together.

**by the way, i'm really sorry if my writing seems a little odd. i'm trying to find my writing "voice" right now. after a few posts, though, i'll probably be fine.

since it's the new year, here are some of my style resolutions for '09:
~i want to really work on developing my own style. i never understood how someone could say, "oh, i'm preppy," or "i'm bohemian." i don't think you can describe your style in one word without crippling all the available possibilities. what if one day you feel like hippie chic, but feel like an urban sophisticate the next? i want my wardrobe to reflect my changing personality, but at the same time, i want to consolidate the stuff i have so it doesn't look like my closet has a multiple personality disorder. i need a theme or something that ties everything together.
~i definitely need to start wearing spf more often. as in, every day.
~i'd like to start wearing more complete outfits, and not just throwing something together before i leave the house. i tend to do that, and it isn't nearly as much fun as stepping out in an outfit i love. as in, i'd like to be more chic on a day-to-day basis. this means flats instead of sneakers, sweaters and jackets instead of hoodies, and maybe throwing on a skirt or something instead of my usual jeans. it's all about branching out and taking risks!
~expanding my dress/skirt wardrobe is high on my priority list. i really do love them (and how they instantly give you an air of femininity!) but i just don't really wear them. it's time to change that. (ditto for expanding shoe wardrobe, accessory wardrobe, ect.)
~always always always washing my makeup off before going to sleep. i'm terrible about this, because i have really good skin, so there's no consequence since i don't break out if i don't wash. it's just those days when i'm almost too tired just to flop into bed...and travelling. isn't everyone a little lax with their skincare routine when they're traveling?? hmm... maybe something like facial wipes would help... have to look into that...
~i am trying to record every single outfit i wear, and how it turned out. was it a new favorite or a huge flop? and like i said before, if i deem any of them good enough, i might even post them here.

well, that's all i can think of for now. check back soon for more posts!
yeah, and sorry for such a long first post. without any pictures, either!!!

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