why multipurpose items r-u-l-e!!!

when i heard about the american apparel circle scarf, i was like, "what's the big deal??" $30 for an oversize piece of fabric sewn in a circle? i didn't really like how cirlce scarves looked, either. but then i saw people wearing them in all sorts of cool ways, like as little capes and even skirts. on the website, they even show you all the ways you could wear them.

i especially like the doubled up, caplet, and halter top ones.

now i think i might just have to own one. i mean, i love multipurpose items, like skirts that can also be dresses. but this is what, 36 ways?!?!

i'm thinking either black or asphalt. :)



Hannah Cheeto said...

I totally felt the same way until I saw how many different ways they can be worn! And now I kind of want one.

Elisa said...

I'm with you, I didn't get the big deal at all.


Oh man. I'm obsessing.

But, would it be cheaper to be a lot of fabric and take a good 5 minutes sewing it in a circle?


born socialite said...

i guess it would, except i couldn't sew anything to save my life. ;)

Anonymous said...

I made two of these, one black and one grey, out of two XXL man's T-Shirts. I guess they aren't as big and stretchy as the real thing but can still do most of the styles. Look up 'how to make circle scarf' :) Even bigger than XXL, then even better. (XXL would probably be too wide for a halter top, unless you can fit into an XXL anyway, but bigger might be able to go round twice or something)

emily said...

thanks so much for the tip!