a shoe-inspired manicure? what is the world coming to?...

i'm not huge into brands and designers and whatever, but even i recognize the famed red louboutin heels. (actually, they're one of the only brands of high-end shoes i recognize, but let's not get into that right now...) anyway, on all lacquered up, or another one of the many nail blogs i read, i discovered this:

yes folks, this is a shoe-inspired manicure.
the top of the nail (where nail polish is traditionally put) is painted black, while the underside of the tip of the nail is bright red. i suppose this would only work with long nails, but how cool would it be to say, "like my louboutin manicure? i just got it last friday, dah-ling."
apparently london's charles worthington salon originally created it, but i've seen a lot of people try to recreate it. zoe pocock (the one who does the manicures) says that to do the red, she trimmed all but three bristles from the brush of her red nail polish. china glaze has also made a nail polish set specifically for this look, but with a shimmery, glittery red/black combo. i love china glaze, but how hard would it be to get glitter off the underside of your nails? answer:very hard, for those of you who have never tried to remove glitter nail polish.
i guess this is perfect for those of us who wish we could own a pair of heels with red soles, but wish the pricetag was a little lower. ;)


born socialite said...

sorry about how the font size is all messed up. no matter what i do, i can't fix it...

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