dress: american eagle
t-shirt (underneath): thrifted
shoes: payless
charm bracelet: gift

i felt very preppy all day, with my stripe-y dress and charm bracelet. :) (and i tried to get a good close-up of the charm bracelet, but my crappy camera just made it all blurry...) i just got this t-shirt a few days ago when i stopped by my neighborhood thrift store. let me just say, i never knew houndstooth suits were so popular.... *happy sighhhh......* thrifting = <3

also, i'd just like to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, your comments are very appreciated. :) blog "renovations" have started, beginning with this outfit post! (and you'll probably see more when the weather cools down, during the summer i just usually wear as little clothing as possible.)

p.s. the new header is a pic i found on icing, although i don't remember the original source... i don't know if i'm keeping it, as it's awfully small...

i looked lonely in this picture, so i added a few doodle-cats to keep me company. for some reason, they seem very interested in my shoes... ;)

p.p.s. i tried to post this days ago, but my computers been slow and freezing up a lot. i could make up some excuse like i'm contemplating the new direction of my blog, yada yada yada, but i won't. sorry for the delays. :/


Beth said...

Love your outfit, that dress is gorgeous!
And those doodles are super cute I wish I could draw lol
Beth xx

victoria.. said...

the dress is to die for !
aaand i think a blog makeover would be fresh. for a new school year, a fresh start. haha

lauramorgan said...

That dress is sooo cute, I love it! :) Also the new header image is cute but when I came on at first I thought it said "Musings of a porn socialite!" I was very confused! haha. x

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

looking great :D! OMG LOVE THE HAIR BOW TOO!!! and you're right about pastels and easter, i totally didn't remember putting up a pic of something easter related lol.

Aya Smith said...

You look adorable!!! Love the cute little silhouette :)

daisy kate said...

I love this outfit :)
thank you for commenting my blog :)