you know you've been spending too much time reading fashion blogs when...

you start to see things in shops and such and think, that is definitely something so-and-so would wear...

like when i saw these shoes for instance, i immediately thought of the clothes horse.

and to me, this dress = somewhere here (formerly known as vintage tea)

a.) both these girls have awesome style, go check them out if you haven't already, k?

b.) i'm sorry to either of you if you think i've pegged your style wrong, sorry!

c.) i would really love to own that dress... :)

hmmm.... maybe i could do this as a feature type thing, where if you wanted my to make you an outfit on polyvore (or something like that), something i think would be your style, kind of like a personal stylist/shopper? just a thought... contact me and let me know! (my email is born dot socialite at gmail dot com)


cody said...

lovely blog.
xx cody


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I definitely think they would love to wear the things you picked out!! The polyvore feature is a great idea!! xxoxoxoxo

Joezehh said...

i know what you mean :) i wish i had a specific style, but i'm so eclectic!
x x x x x x

Little Lovables said...

I really like those shoes!

and good job on the lady gaga hair bow

hannahlizabeth said...

hahaha i allllways do that!

and if not, it's "what sort of post would go with this dress?"

ps. thanks for your comment :)


june said...

cute shoes.
thank you so much for commenting and flipping by on our blog.