cupcakes make people happy

 today, i saw a bit of a kids' christmas movie, all the characters were going, "oh no! christmas is ruined!" except for one. when the rest asked her why she wasn't freaking out, she said, "oh, i celebrate hanuka, so i already got all my presents. but yeah, oh no, poor santa." best. response. ever. :) and christmas is coming, so of course that means christmas wishlists! right now i have my eye on:

my christmas wihslist

 ~an adorable calendar
 ~urban decay eyeliner (i would never spend so much on eyeliner myself... but hey, it's the holidays! ;))

 ~plain moleskins-perfect for doodling!

 ~something sequined <3

 ~inspiration books, like one of tim walker's books

 ~a new camera to replace my super-out-of-date one. i love it, but sometimes it just frustrates me so much! i think this may be my x-mas gift to myself. does anyone have any suggestions for good cameras?

hope you all've been good this year, with no one getting any coal. ;) what do you want to find under your tree the 25th?


Anonymous said...

I want a pair of shoes, a bottle of Armani Code, a history book...and what we always ask: love, good health, more love + a bf, money...
merry X-mas

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Lol, great answer! Humm good camera, I own a sony cybershot and love how it captures colors so I'd def recommend it.

And I'd love some vintage oxford shoes under my tree!

Merry Xmas

I'm loving the Zara bag!


PS: I'd love to invite you to join my Blog Birthday Giveaway! I'm giving away a Gossip Girl Inspired Headband!

Rosie Unknown said...

Aww, sweet Christmas list!

I hope to find a Macbook, but I've been monitoring my parent's closet, and haven't seen one yet.

Also, I got a camera last Christmas, a Canon Powershot A590, and I absolutely adore it. It isn't cheap, but totally worth the money.

hannah elizabeth said...

sequins are so perfect for the holidays, i really want a big knobbly embroidered cardi!

Savvy Gal said...

the cupcake calendar is adorable. happy holiday.

Leah said...

Get the moleskine Emily... Merry Christmas to you! Miss you girl!

superniko. said...

in reply to your comment of my school christmas party
i cannot wear accessories because our school doesnt allow us to :(

I wish you a joyful and a very merry christmas ^_^


Leah said...

Emily, I was browsing my older posts awhile ago and I saw your name in one of the comments from my previous posts. You are one of my initial blog visitors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wouldn't have done good without your support. XOXO

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

nikon cameras work really good!

Mila said...

I love everything sequined!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

ohh love all of these!