falling in love in a coffee shop

this week i am in love with...

my new red coat, the color cobalt, sending someone a singing telegram and watching their face when they get it, warm, buttery pretzels, book-flavored dreams, the album dreaming out loud by onerepublic, which has been on constant repeat on my ipod for the last couple days, dark lipstick, snow <3, chocolate biscotti, planning christmas presents for everyone on my list, dressing up like a ninja, strings of pink christmas lights, last-minute surprise birthday parties, and technicolor nailpolish.

what's been making you happy? share! :)


Robyn said...

I quite enjoyed seeing snow falling as I wandered my way to school in the morning, playing fast jazz trumpet for an hour, and cutting up magazines!


Rosie Unknown said...

I love: falling asleep in class, Mika, warm ponchos over warm sweaters.

Anna Jane said...

Lovely inspiring post! can't say I've ever sent a telegram but that sounds fun :)

Right now I'm loving: the twinkle of my christmas tree, MTV base on the TV, and the comfiness of my leather bean bag!

- Anna Jane xx

Elizabeth Ruby said...

Super cute post :)
Wrapping up my Christmas presents and imaging my friends and familys faces when they open them makes me happy!

Poisoned Amour said...

ohho great post :)
im loving: new yoga posts, chocolate cake, and the sunset.