taking pictures of bubbles is a science

k, so last post i was all about my amazing cinnamon-steusel muffins, so last night when i was gonna get together with some old friends, i was totally, "yeah, i'll make some cookies, i'm on such a baking kick!!" well. let's just say they did not turn out as well as the muffins. baking cookies = epic fail. :( anyway... moving on.

the other day, we were amusing ourselves by blowing bubbles with dawn dishsoap and wire coat hangers. (how recession-friendly!) i tried to take pictures of them, but i eventually figured out the trick is to push the shutter button as you blow the bubble, before it has time to pop.

more (fashion-related) bubble pics...
and this was the reason i was all happy-happy-joy-joy in the last post, i got to go horseback riding for the first time in forever! yipee! :)

this is lucky girl, she's 22 (!) and super-sweet (usually she works with disabled kids!). :)
and wow, do i looks small in this picture or what! and in case anyone's interested, shorts, levi's; t-shirt, junk food; and shoes, converse.

so we went to visit our friends that live on a horse farm, they actually live in a loft about a stable! which is awesome, because (as you can see the from the picture above,) horses can stick their heads out of the bottom of your house. how cool is that? (and it's a fully-furnished house, don't worry, not some icky hay loft or something.)

and of course, being a horse farm and all, everything was equestrian-themed: the mailboxes, the benches, and there were all these statues of carousel horses. (photo-op!)

and this is cowboy, the vegetarian dog. i think he deserved some recognition too. :)

it was loads of fun. :) and on a totally unrelated note, i kinds want a pair of cowboy boots. this pair from wetseal (or maybe this pair?), to be specific. which has nothing to do with the fact i've been spending a lot of time with horses. really. and i prolly wouldn't wear them with jeans (or-god forbid!-a plaid shirt!), just dresses and things like that. see?

whew! that was a loooooong post. if you made it this far, thanks for listening to me ramble about my life. kisses! <3>


the culinary adventures of muffingirl

today, i think, has been one of the best days of my life. :) really. more pics (and details) to come later, but i wanted to share these pictures right away! i made cinnamon-streusel muffins, but don't be too impressed. i made them with a box mix. shhhhh... that can be our little secret. ;) they smelled absolutely delish the entire time they were baking, too. always an added bonus. we were going to take them to a barbecue, but somehow they got left behind (?), and by the time we got home, some had ants on them! ugh. :p i tried to salvage them, but haven't actually tasted one yet. fingers crossed for that they taste as good as they smell!

let me tell you, even at this point they smelled amazing. *sigh...*

ice cream scoops are actually really helpful in muffin-making!

out of the oven and onto the cooling rack. haha, get it??

i tried to make pictures of muffins more interesting... did it work? i have no idea as to what i'd like to be when i'm older, but lately i feel like i'd love to be a photographer...

close-up aerial view of muffin #7.

i made a mess icing them, but from below i thought it looked like modern art. :)

yum! the finished product! :) (pre-ant invasion)


you know you've been spending too much time reading fashion blogs when...

you start to see things in shops and such and think, that is definitely something so-and-so would wear...

like when i saw these shoes for instance, i immediately thought of the clothes horse.

and to me, this dress = somewhere here (formerly known as vintage tea)

a.) both these girls have awesome style, go check them out if you haven't already, k?

b.) i'm sorry to either of you if you think i've pegged your style wrong, sorry!

c.) i would really love to own that dress... :)

hmmm.... maybe i could do this as a feature type thing, where if you wanted my to make you an outfit on polyvore (or something like that), something i think would be your style, kind of like a personal stylist/shopper? just a thought... contact me and let me know! (my email is born dot socialite at gmail dot com)


let's play a lovegame, play a lovegame...

i was bored the other night, so... ta-da! my very own lady gaga-esque hairbow made out of real hair. :) yes, i am very pleased with myself. it was actually pretty easy, i used this video (i found it through pigtails and blushing cheeks, go check them out!), and just adapted it my for own purposes. hint- you should have at least shoulder-length hair if you want to attempt this. or, y'know, you could just buy one. whatever.

please note: flash is not my friend. my hair is not really this dark. :p

and i figured out how to get the header picture bigger! it involved much trolling of the icing archives, which i recommend to anyone trying to put something off. very handy. :)

finally, please note this is a timed post, right now i should be laying out on a beach somewhere reading magazines. hopefully. so i might not post till i get back on wednesday. ta ta for now!



dress: american eagle
t-shirt (underneath): thrifted
shoes: payless
charm bracelet: gift

i felt very preppy all day, with my stripe-y dress and charm bracelet. :) (and i tried to get a good close-up of the charm bracelet, but my crappy camera just made it all blurry...) i just got this t-shirt a few days ago when i stopped by my neighborhood thrift store. let me just say, i never knew houndstooth suits were so popular.... *happy sighhhh......* thrifting = <3

also, i'd just like to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, your comments are very appreciated. :) blog "renovations" have started, beginning with this outfit post! (and you'll probably see more when the weather cools down, during the summer i just usually wear as little clothing as possible.)

p.s. the new header is a pic i found on icing, although i don't remember the original source... i don't know if i'm keeping it, as it's awfully small...

i looked lonely in this picture, so i added a few doodle-cats to keep me company. for some reason, they seem very interested in my shoes... ;)

p.p.s. i tried to post this days ago, but my computers been slow and freezing up a lot. i could make up some excuse like i'm contemplating the new direction of my blog, yada yada yada, but i won't. sorry for the delays. :/


deeeeeep thoughts

soooo... i've been thinking a lot about this blog, mostly ways in which i'd like to change it. i want to make it more personal, y'know? i try to make it interesting, but sometimes i feel like i'm just re-hashing what everyone else says. at first i considered just completely starting over. a new blog, where i actually knew what i was doing... i was never really too fond of the name of my blog, either, i just needed something so i could start blogging. plus, musings of a born socialite is kind of a mouthful...

but then i started re-reading some of my old posts, and decided no, not a new blog, but a blog makeover instead? new name, header, ect. a fresh start.

what do you guys think?

(here's a pretty picture to look at while you think, but it's mainly here because picture-less posts are so boring... i believe it's from some online magazine called betty? also, i'm in love with her jeans. the flowers are pretty cool too.)


space-alien legs!

don't you wish the whole lam-ay (no clue how to do the accent bit) leggings trend had caught on in colors other than boring old black??

this outfit has been in my "outfit inspiration" folder forever. from the fabulous dreamecho.

and how amazing is this picture?! i want to put it on my wall, but that might be kind of creepy... i mean, i want shiny blue tights!! :( (no idea as to where's the pictures from, sorry...)



i promised i'd show what i got shopping, soooo... ta-da!

the grey-and-white striped top is from h&m, and the red bag is from laila rowe (i don't usually shop there, but they were having a going-out-of-business sale so i thought why not?) i wore them together yesterday, i just couldn't help showing off my new purchases. :) i felt very paris-chic all day...
(shorts are cutoff levi's. i prectically live in them in the summer. :) )
(please ignored the way chipped nailpolish.)

i tried to take a picture in the natural light (y'know, with me being an extremely professional photographer and all), but instead it turned out kindof scary...

a close-up of the shirt. (which, by the way, is very soft...)

and a closeup of one crazy-awesome bag, which is a really intense red color. the picture doesn't truly show off its awesome-ness!!

i got this dress from american eagle. i already have a few plans for prospective outfits (which is why i'm not actually wearing it).

then we have the mandatory close-up. (i think you can click for an even closer close-up, but i'm not sure...)

by the way, all these pictures were taken by moi, in a little alcove-y part of my bedroom. in case anyone was wondering.

and prepare for a serious number of posts, people. i have like four, but i'm trying to space them out so i don't post 5 times one day, and then disappear for a week. so stay tuned!


500 days of summmer

no, i haven't seen the movie (although i think i have talked about my love for the fabulous miss zooey). this photoshoot from teen vogue just made me think of it...


to me, june is like friday: for the first bit, you have school, then you're free for the weekend/summer. july is, of course, saturday. but august is just a month of sundays. i know i still have a whole month of summer left, but it seems like school is right around the corner...

on a happier note, yesterday i went shopping, you'll probably see the spoils soon! :) i'd never been to a h&m before (although everyone seems to love it), and i think it may be one of my new favorite stores. also, urban outfitters in person is magical! the website is eh, but the actual store... well... you'll have to go and experience it yourself. sorry for the gushing! expect outfit posts soon.