i feel a d.i.y.(o.g.s.e.t.d.i.f.u.)* coming on...

i know this picture is a little old (it's from the satorialist), but lately it feels like i've been seeing it everywhere.

so, with no further ado, may i present exh
ibit a:

the fabled shirt-skirt. apparently this girl made it by just folding one of her dad's button-down shirts, no cutting/sewing involved.
obviously, everyone in the comments is clamoring to know how she did it/demanding to see the back of the skirt.

for those of you who are looking for a challange, there are several people in the comments who claim to know how to do it. (me, i'll take good ol' trial-and-error instead of getting frustrated from other people's instructions, thank you very much.)

and i had this link where you could buy a patchwork version (of the skirt-shirt) for the very low price of $300, but it seems as though i have lost it. if anyone finds it, please tell me!

moving on to exhibit b:

everyone who's been in the fashion blogasphere for even a nanosecond knows susie bubble. she's practically a celebrity around here, right up there with marc jacobs and anna wintour. anyway, here she made a skirt by belting a grey cardi. to me, at least, this seems a little more do-able...

so here's a new challange for all of you who backed out of the harem pants dare (you know who you are!!):
*trupmet sound*
try to transform a boring old shirt or cardigan into a skirt!

(if anyone actually does this and sends me a photo, i'll post it in my next post!)

i'll be trying this one out this afternoon, so stay posted...

(wow, i just said "post" like 4 times...)

*for those of you who don't know, a d.i.y.(o.g.s.e.t.d.i.f.u.) is a do-it-yourself-(or-get-someone-else-to-do-it-for-you).


Indie.Tea said...

Her shirt-skirt turned out great...would have never guessed it began as a shirt :)

Anonymous said...

I did a post on this & some other ways to wear men's button-down shirts.


The Clothes Horse said...

Shirt-skirts, great way to stretch the wardrobe I guess. :)