yes, the one the only... (ok, maybe not really) shirt skirt!!! :)

ahh, there is nothing better than blogging while eating a frozen milkshake with a spoon. *sigh...* :) anyway, i know it's tuesday, which is not usually considered part of the weekend, but that's life. so, may i now present the long-anticipated (kind of) shirt skirt!!

ok, i understand. bad, blurry pictures. well, at least i warned you...

here are two slightly better pictures, and if you're wondering why i'm wearing jeans in the first picture, well, i just didn't really take off what i was wearing before before i started experimenting. i probably wouldn't have paired it with a black tank top, either. (oh, and in real life, my legs are all one color and actually match my arms. stupid camera.)


detail shot. i basically just tied the cardi around my waist, like how you tie a sweatshirt around your waist with the arms when you don't feel like carrying it? yeah, just like that, except backwards.

here i tied it in the back, in a cute lil' bow. ;) i probably wouldn't wear this in public, unless a.) i could figure out how to make the back even/stay shut (safety pins, anyone?) and b.) wear tights under it, cause wow, this "sweater" is pretty damn thin. here's a picture of it, so you get a better idea of the color:

it's from american eagle, but i got it thrifting for like $2. it was brand-new, though, with the tags on and everything!

oh, and sorry if these pictures are kind of anticlimactic... :/

i did try a (button-down) shirt skirt, but it didn't turn out too well. too big, and i couldn't figure out how to tie it properly, either. whoops.

oh, and if you check out the comments from the last last post, dirty laundry left a link to a post she did on men's shirts, which is way better than anything i ever did. so go check it out!

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victoria.. said...

very very creative. and cute.