we've all seen the classic black smokey eye before.

we've seen it in "trendy" blue and green shades.
every season. mmhmmm, very trendy.

i think it's time for a change. ;\

maybe something softer, what about brown? eh, it's been done. maybe something a little spicier... what about red? oh yeah, wait a second, who actually wears red eyeshadow?

ok, let's compromise... what about burgundy?

i just saw it in a magazine, and i think i'm in love.

i mean, look at it!

(from the modcloth homepage.)

isn't it divine?? (btw, don't you love that word? it just seems so greek-goddess-y!)

i usually don't wear colors on my eyes, but this seems sooo fun!

sorry for the lack of photos, it's harder to find proper pictures of burgundy eyeshadow than i thought. i'll try to scan in some of the pictures from the magazine, if i can find it.

so go out and get some to try it for yourself!


Ana said...

I don't usually wear eyeshadow but burgandy seems like an original idea.

I adore that you want to seem ordinary but have one secret talent.

victoria.. said...

i love your blog! and the burgendy shadow is so chic and original. and divine is an awesome wor, ahah

Sal said...

I wear makeup very seldom, but when I do venture into the world of eyeshadow it's all browns. Burgundy seems like a warmer next step - love it!