i don't even remember what shoes these were a knock-off of...

all i remember is that i saw them on some site that got them from jak and jill. but i *do* recall they were so high, it literally looked like your feet were vertical, and had tons of little buckled straps to keep your foot in. *sigh....*

hand it over actually has a pair that reminded me of them.

she said they were from nine west, so off i went to the nine west website. i found a few similar ones, which i put below:

1.usman ($89.00)
these are the only flat (if you can call it that) ones, which (i think) are the ones hand it over has, which would definitely be easier to walk in. but... they don't have that same wow-her-foot-is-almost-vertical thing going on, which i think is essential to the look.

2.bolero ($99.00)
exactly like the first pair, just with a heel. again, compared to the next one, these seem easier to walk in. just to add, i chose pictures of all these shoes in black, just to be able to compare them more easily, but these actually look decent in the other colors, too. (unlike some of the others.)

3.vivacity, boutique 9 ($129.00, sale)
these were originally my favorites, but have a decidedly more polishedl feel to them... of course, these are the most expensive.

then, forever 21 jumped on the bandwagon.
zaar reptile cage pumps ($28.80)

too bad theirs are faux croc/shiny/have this huge chunky heel, because they're waaaay cheaper than any of the others.

so, which pair do you like the best? and does anyone know what shoe these is a knock-off of?


The Clothes Horse said...

Love all the straps. I don't know if there's one specific shoe they're copying, or just a general trend...

Stacy said...

i like the bolero the best, actually! plus, they're high and still wearable!


Anonymous said...

The flats remind me of the Ann Demuelemeesters that Jane from Sea of Shoes has. Only, a cheaper, more toned-down version...

victoria.. said...

ooh i like those bolero ones.

Rosie Unknown said...

Thanks! I love the Forever 21 ones!