old people in spandex.

very scary. not something you want to expose a young child to. unfortunately, my dad was a "serious" biker, and had all the gear, trained, and rode races and such...which exposed me to a lot of... ahem... older folk clad in helmets, biking jerseys, and spandex shorts. *shudder* but anyway, moving past my personal scarring, let me introduce trend #2...

bike shorts!

starting with the runway:

source (i think there's miu miu, alexander wang, and prada...)

then here we have dreamecho:

and flashes of style:

hmm... i think bike shorts are much better when they're made out of lace. or holograph fabric. take your pick. i think the way to pull these off is to either make them not look like athletic wear (like with glitter), or pair it with something girly like a dress or a pair of heels. i might not take part in this trend (a little too close to home...), but i would love to tell my dad, "look! i just bought these new lace bike shorts yesterday!" and watch his eyes pop out of his head. ;) plus, they seem like leggings (with the whole help-with-modesty thing), but shorter (i.e. cooler for summer).

p.s. you can buy some very brightly colored ones here, and holo ones here. (lace here and here, then just plain black.

p.p.s. happy mother's day to all the moms out there!! :)


Rosie Unknown said...

Ohh! Rosie Want! I think that I could totally rock a pair of Sparkly bike shorts, with heels and a skanky top!

xAZD said...

i really like the alexander wang ones :)