fashion weeeek!

yes, i know i'm way late. however, as they say, better late than never! ("they" being my bus driver. i have gotten to first period exactly once on time. :p) anyway, here are my favorite collections after a quick browseabout at style.com. (which, incidentally, is where all the pictures are from.) in no particular order, i liked...

1.) betsey johnson

betsey johnson was one of the first designers to get me into runway collections,  and i think think her s/s '10 show was the perfect mix of crazy and elegant. ;) plus, her headpieces were fabulous. i mean, who wouldn't want to walk around with a giant piece on neon tulle on their head?!

2.) luella (<3!!)

luella is one of my absolute favorite designers of all time. possibly my #1?... but let's not get too crazy here.  but it literally took every ounce of self control i have not to put every single look from the collection here. it's just all so perfect... the neutrals, sometimes soft and sometimes graphic, mixed with neons, polka dots, patent bows, and crazy eyeshadow... i want it all.

3.) marc by marc jacobs

i felt that the mark by mark jacobs was pretty much a huge mishmash of different things, not much of a unifying theme or anything... but i'm totally fine with that. :) the hairbows are cute but i adore the glasses. (click for a bigger picture of you have to. it's sooo worth it.)

4.) zac posen

i don't really have much to say about zac posen except that i liked the colors. and i think that's a pretty decent reason, don't you? 

5.) temperly london

in the total opposite direction, i liked temperly because of the lack of colors. the tophats were a nice touch, too. i just really like the androgynous feel of this collection.

6.) moschino cheap & chic

 yes, yes, and yes. again, i had a lot of trouble choosing which pics to include. everything's just so perfect. this collection pleases my inner girly-girl. but my outer girly-girl likes it too. ;) all in all, my favorite collection in addition to luella! 

7.) house of holland

yeah, i just thought the whole "house" thing was too clever. :) nice change from the normal old circular polka dots, in my opinion.

after a comprehensive study, i conclude that bows will be big this spring. and polka dots. you'd never guess that just from looking at the pictures, though, right? ;)

i also usually really love rodarte and d&g, but this time i thought they were a little disappointing. :( (what's with all the denim?!) and, of course, the alexander wang collection was all well and good, but shall be remembered for one thing alone: the wang braid.

i also saw a ton of collections i liked on other blogs too, none of which i can remember at the moment. which bothers me. bleh.

and totally switching topics, i tried bubble tea for the first time yesterday! the place i went had all sorts of flavors, from red bean (?) to strawberry. (i got sour green apple.) it's really weird, cos the tapioca bubbles and all squishy and chewy. and i thought the "tea" part would be, well, more like tea. or at least like a smoothie. instead it's more like a slurpee... but still, really good. :) if you've never tried it before, you definitely should!


Lilee said...

omg luella is my favorite of all time! hehe i appreciate that you linked the pics from the last post back to my blog. thanks!


hannahlizabeth said...

excellent choices - i'm so glad to see colour back on the runway after all that leather and studs.


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

definitely enjoyed luella with those cut out heart details on the dresses :D!!!! and gotta love bubble tea, it's also very popular here!

and Thank You for your lovely comments too ^^!

Eva Internazionale said...

Prada was my favorite, but I like the carefreeness of Luella.

Little Red said...

Luella and Zac Posen are definitely my favorite collections out of these. All gorgeous pieces!

ellevictoire said...

Love all your choices. the colors are unbelievable. I especially love b. johnson's school girl looks :)

MJ said...

Love the Minnie Mouse-ness of the Luella looks!


lauramorgan said...

love it all but luella has got to be my favourite :)

GraceFace said...

I lovelovelove all those collections, they all remind me of storybooks and Minnie Mouse and cartoons and circuses (:

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I definitely agree about Luella!! So pretty!! I also adore Temperley! The details are just gorgeous! xoxoxoxo

Rosie Unknown said...

I really really love this betsey johnson collection, I'm just neutral on everything else.

E said...

I always love seeing what collections fashion insiders like outside of what the critics say. I loved House of Holland, Temperley (as always), and Moschino, as well. Alexandre Herchcovitch blew me away, if you haven't seen his collection yet, omigod.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Ha ha, I do love the Wang braid! If only my hair was a little longer.

yiqin; said...

Luella was AMAZING. I would wear every single clothing.

Winnie said...

I love all your picks. I am a sucker for bright colours.

Anonymous said...

Marc by Marc Jacobs was my favorite. but compared to other FWs, NYC wasn't all that great. it was okay enough.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

spring runway is always so cheerful and fun. i love the betsey johnson pieces...probably because of the tutu skirts she usually does!

Mouthwash said...

aaah...Betsey Johnson was my first major fashion buy when I was younger. I saved up for so long! I love her dresses. She is so much fun - and I think she really knows how to dress a girl.

Luella is a lot of fun too. What a great post! Excellent selection!


Natalie said...

That alexander wang look is my absolute FAVORITE from the whole collection. I love the sailor stripes, and those shorts... incredible :)



Joezehh said...

you and i have a very very similar taste in style :) i particularly loved betsey johnson, alexander wang, luella and moschino cheap & chic this time round :)
x x x x x

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

yummy photos!
thankyou for your sweet comment!

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

Super post! I loved Marc Jacobs and Luella - great patterns and colour!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

lisa + cathy said...

i love bubble tea, honeydrew ice crush and jelly is the best! apparently the black pearls are made out of silicon. disgusting! but anyway yes my favourite collections were from luella and marc jacobs by marc jacobs! because they played with bright cute colours! and you helped with my homework too. thanks for sharing the moschino cheap and chic collection

Annie said...

Luella and Marc by Marc Jacobs were so amazing.

Olivia said...

Luella and Moschino were definitely my favourites from what you've posted. I love how ready to wear they are.

P.s: You definitely have a way with words. I was only going to take a look at your blog and then got hooked and read loads!

S. said...

ooh, love all those designers!


Anonymous said...

These are fantastic picks! I love the vibrant colour and dynamic prints of all the collections, and the Betsy Johnson photoshoots are really pretty with that elegant stone pillar/fountain/thingy <3

Sydney said...

Ahhh, our favorites are basically the same! I was way too lazy to blog about them, so I'm glad you did! :]

gem fatale said...

Ooh, we have v similar tastes (must be a Gemini thing!)
Betsey, M by MJ, Moschino C&C have rocked this season. And Luella is my ultimate fave. I just posted a blog of my imitation of Luella's SS10 makeup!

Sarah Von said...

Oh my, I love those frilly pink knickers!

Patty Ann said...

temperley london!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i loved that show
soooo amazing
i want everything!