yes, the one the only... (ok, maybe not really) shirt skirt!!! :)

ahh, there is nothing better than blogging while eating a frozen milkshake with a spoon. *sigh...* :) anyway, i know it's tuesday, which is not usually considered part of the weekend, but that's life. so, may i now present the long-anticipated (kind of) shirt skirt!!

ok, i understand. bad, blurry pictures. well, at least i warned you...

here are two slightly better pictures, and if you're wondering why i'm wearing jeans in the first picture, well, i just didn't really take off what i was wearing before before i started experimenting. i probably wouldn't have paired it with a black tank top, either. (oh, and in real life, my legs are all one color and actually match my arms. stupid camera.)


detail shot. i basically just tied the cardi around my waist, like how you tie a sweatshirt around your waist with the arms when you don't feel like carrying it? yeah, just like that, except backwards.

here i tied it in the back, in a cute lil' bow. ;) i probably wouldn't wear this in public, unless a.) i could figure out how to make the back even/stay shut (safety pins, anyone?) and b.) wear tights under it, cause wow, this "sweater" is pretty damn thin. here's a picture of it, so you get a better idea of the color:

it's from american eagle, but i got it thrifting for like $2. it was brand-new, though, with the tags on and everything!

oh, and sorry if these pictures are kind of anticlimactic... :/

i did try a (button-down) shirt skirt, but it didn't turn out too well. too big, and i couldn't figure out how to tie it properly, either. whoops.

oh, and if you check out the comments from the last last post, dirty laundry left a link to a post she did on men's shirts, which is way better than anything i ever did. so go check it out!


if you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

that's hard, isn't it?
i couldn't ever pick just one (have you seen my "i change my mind a lot" tab?), even if i only had to stick with it for a week. so to me, it's mind boggling that someone would actually do it by choice. this article was really interesting to me, so here i've highlighted 5 people in new york who wear one color everyday (by choice!), and it's not black. (i stole that from the title of the article. catchy, right?)

1.valeria mcculloch in blue

read the interview here.

i think wearing just blue would be the easiest of colors, with blue jeans and all, plus you could wear all blue and not have the first thing people think when they look at you be "wow, she's wearing a lot of blue today, isn't she?" if you say, wore all pink or even all black, that would definitely not be the case. (not meaning to take any kudos from valeria, that is!! electric blue is a different matter entirely.)

2. rebecca turbow in grey (yes, "grey" not "gray")

read the interview here.

like rebecca, grey is my favorite "non-color" (and i didn't steal that word from her, either!), more so than brown or even black. (not always, though. see above.) grey can be super-casual--look at all those heather grey sweatshirts out there!--but also really dressy, like when it's silk. i think it's interesting that previously she wore turquoise for 8 (!) years before switching to grey.

3. karim rashid in white and pink

read the interview here.

i know there's a slight deviance here, but i think he should extra points for being a guy and wearing pink. (not meaning to stereotype, but that just takes guts.) plus, wearing all white might by vaguely creepy. (think scary mad-scientist-type person.) he says he carries around tide to go all the time, and boy, i practically need to do that too, even though i don't even wear white everyday. let's not make fun of the clumsy people...

4. elizabeth sweetheart in kelly green

read the interview here.

ok, first things first: don't you just love her last name? ;) and her commitment not just to one color, but to a specific shade of that color takes determination. dyeing her hair green too just catapults her into single-color dressing hall of fame. and doesn't she remind you of st. patty's day, the one day of the year you can wear every green garment you own and not stared at?? *sigh...* i love that holiday...

5. stephin merritt in brown

read the interview here.

finally! someone who understands! black isn't foolproof, it annoy me when people think that. stephan says he also likes matching (brown hair, eyes, ect.), and even though you might not look twice at his outfit on the street, i think it's important to see that you can only wear one color without looking like you just wear one color all the time, if that makes sense...

another fascinating thing was that everyone (except maybe i think the last guy) wears whatever color they do because they feel messy/can't fall asleep/insert other reason here if they're not wearing a specific color. i think rebecca even wondered if there was some type of disease for it... most of them also said that they've only had positive experiences wearing their color. i'm really glad that's the case, 'cause people can be cruel sometimes...

so, would you be able to do this? do you do this, to some extent? have you ever considered it? and if you had to, what color would you choose and why?


yes, this is a filler post...

how true, how true.

anyway, you know how i said i would try to make a shirt skirt last friday? well, i actually did!! and took pictures, too! just having problems with the blurry-ness, which i've been trying to fix, plus i've been busy, blah blah blah, you get the idea. so, hopefully they'll be up this weekend.

this week, you can also expect a couple of beauty product reviews, some stuff i got thrifting (yay!), and a couple other random other things that have been inspiring me lately...


i feel a d.i.y.(o.g.s.e.t.d.i.f.u.)* coming on...

i know this picture is a little old (it's from the satorialist), but lately it feels like i've been seeing it everywhere.

so, with no further ado, may i present exh
ibit a:

the fabled shirt-skirt. apparently this girl made it by just folding one of her dad's button-down shirts, no cutting/sewing involved.
obviously, everyone in the comments is clamoring to know how she did it/demanding to see the back of the skirt.

for those of you who are looking for a challange, there are several people in the comments who claim to know how to do it. (me, i'll take good ol' trial-and-error instead of getting frustrated from other people's instructions, thank you very much.)

and i had this link where you could buy a patchwork version (of the skirt-shirt) for the very low price of $300, but it seems as though i have lost it. if anyone finds it, please tell me!

moving on to exhibit b:

everyone who's been in the fashion blogasphere for even a nanosecond knows susie bubble. she's practically a celebrity around here, right up there with marc jacobs and anna wintour. anyway, here she made a skirt by belting a grey cardi. to me, at least, this seems a little more do-able...

so here's a new challange for all of you who backed out of the harem pants dare (you know who you are!!):
*trupmet sound*
try to transform a boring old shirt or cardigan into a skirt!

(if anyone actually does this and sends me a photo, i'll post it in my next post!)

i'll be trying this one out this afternoon, so stay posted...

(wow, i just said "post" like 4 times...)

*for those of you who don't know, a d.i.y.(o.g.s.e.t.d.i.f.u.) is a do-it-yourself-(or-get-someone-else-to-do-it-for-you).


we've all seen the classic black smokey eye before.

we've seen it in "trendy" blue and green shades.
every season. mmhmmm, very trendy.

i think it's time for a change. ;\

maybe something softer, what about brown? eh, it's been done. maybe something a little spicier... what about red? oh yeah, wait a second, who actually wears red eyeshadow?

ok, let's compromise... what about burgundy?

i just saw it in a magazine, and i think i'm in love.

i mean, look at it!

(from the modcloth homepage.)

isn't it divine?? (btw, don't you love that word? it just seems so greek-goddess-y!)

i usually don't wear colors on my eyes, but this seems sooo fun!

sorry for the lack of photos, it's harder to find proper pictures of burgundy eyeshadow than i thought. i'll try to scan in some of the pictures from the magazine, if i can find it.

so go out and get some to try it for yourself!



yes, there is something different around here, thanks for noticing. (isn't it awkward when you see someone everyday, but only notice they got as haircut 2 weeks after the fact? heh heh heh...)

much less generic now, i think. :) like my header? in my opinion, it matches the name of my blog perfectly. (the pic is from either ellegirl korea or teen vouge korea...) the only not-so-great thing is that everything is now all uppercase. :( oh well. can't have everything, i suppose...

stupid me, i just figured out how to change the header. (don't laugh.) that's why it was the other pink background until now.

any thoughts/comments on the new layout?


the universally unflattering pants: the drop-crotch... or so i thought

i know "harem" (or "hammer" or "drop-crotch" or whatever else you call them) pants have been popular for a while now.

by "popular" (lots of quotes, no?), i mean fashion bloggers raving over them and everyone else complaining about how terrible they are.

at first i was part of the latter group
. how could pants that don't even look good on a model look good on a mere mortal? then i heard someone (i forget exactly who) mention cropped harem pants. "hmmm," i thought. "that actually might look ok!!"
so i googled it, and...

not so bad, right? i would wear those...
so, to recap, what have we learned? normal harem pants=not so good, but cropped harem pants = yes!
although these metallic gold ones are pretty awesome too!

i hereby dare you to try on a pair. go on. you know you want to...