i know i promised posts...

but for some reason my computer's been acting up, as in all my bookmarked pages for possible post ideas suddenly vanished, and my polyvore account won't let my log in. ugh!!

to apologize, though, for my lack of anything interesting, here's a little something to make it up to you: remember that post titled "i don't even remember what shoes these were a knock-off of..."? well, i figured it out!! :D

they're chloe sevigny for bass. thank you to musings of a teen fashion addict!


my first award!! :)

yay! thanks so very much to rosie unkown, who had given me my first blogging award!

here are the rules:

1. accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2. pass the award to 15 other bogs that you've newly discovered. remember to contact the bloggers to let them now they have been chosen.

ooh, 15, that might be tough. i'll do my best, though. so, i hereby pass this award onto...
elle victorie
fashion cappuccino
mermaid in a manhole
too sexy for my shirt
fashion handglide

you guys all have awesome blogs, even though i just started reading them. :)

(i'm sorry if you already got this award! just think of it as you're so awesome, you had to get it twice.)


tracy feith for target

i know this collection's been out for a while, but i since i actually looked forward to this collection (i admit, i didn't totally get at first why everyone was getting all riled up about alexander mcqueen for target. i have seen the error of my ways. ;)), i decided to blog about it. to start, i just like the... sweet-ness of all the pieces. but what i really love are the exposed zippers. which appear on practically everything. :)

this is probably my favorite piece. i mean, just look at it!! plus, there's the added benefit of being able to wear "underwear" as actual clothing. (tracy feith for target bloomer short-ebony, $29.99)

this dress reminds me of this miss selfidge dress, only without the hitched bottom and cheaper, too. (gotta love tar-jay prices!) (yes, i adore saying it like that, even if it annoys other people.) plus, i think that the exposed metal zipper contrasts nicely with the eyelet lace at the bottom. (tracy feith for target strappy dress-ture white, $44.95)

this is actually a convertible dress (there are straps you can attach), and don't you love how it poufs out at the bottom? the pattern is very cute and vintage-ish, unlike the other brighter-colored *ahem*sometimesgarish*ahem* pieces. (tracy feith for target floral strappy dress-wave ecru, $39.99)

this skirt is just so bright and cheery, it's hard not to smile when you see it. the pleats are awesome, but i can't tell if it's already crossed the line into too much pink... though once again, we have an little zipper in the front! :) (tracy feith for target print skirt-crazy daisy, $29.99)

this mystical jacket appears to be the most popular piece in the collection, since apperantly it sold out in hours online and didn't even make it into some stores! i've been looking for a jacket like this for a while, so that's too bad... (tracy feith for target leather bike jacket-ebony, $139.99)

these were my favorites (as they suit my style the best), but there are also some tops and swimsuits, on the target website. what are your thoughts on this collection?

(and i will get back to the "spring trends" series soon... i haven't posted for the last week, and really wanted to post about this, so... expect trend posts in the next few days!)


a vintage summer

a vintage summer

i saw these high-waisted shorts on the forever 21 website, and immediately starting thinking of ways to wear them. (i have no idea why polyvore would only clip the image of the back of the shorts...) this is what i came up with. not too shabby for my first polyvore, right?

it's been all rainy and miserable for the past couple days, but today was nice and warm and sunny, just like spring should be. i can't wait for classes to be over...

also, i got my first mention on another blog! thanks, dirtylaundry! :)


i don't even remember what shoes these were a knock-off of...

all i remember is that i saw them on some site that got them from jak and jill. but i *do* recall they were so high, it literally looked like your feet were vertical, and had tons of little buckled straps to keep your foot in. *sigh....*

hand it over actually has a pair that reminded me of them.

she said they were from nine west, so off i went to the nine west website. i found a few similar ones, which i put below:

1.usman ($89.00)
these are the only flat (if you can call it that) ones, which (i think) are the ones hand it over has, which would definitely be easier to walk in. but... they don't have that same wow-her-foot-is-almost-vertical thing going on, which i think is essential to the look.

2.bolero ($99.00)
exactly like the first pair, just with a heel. again, compared to the next one, these seem easier to walk in. just to add, i chose pictures of all these shoes in black, just to be able to compare them more easily, but these actually look decent in the other colors, too. (unlike some of the others.)

3.vivacity, boutique 9 ($129.00, sale)
these were originally my favorites, but have a decidedly more polishedl feel to them... of course, these are the most expensive.

then, forever 21 jumped on the bandwagon.
zaar reptile cage pumps ($28.80)

too bad theirs are faux croc/shiny/have this huge chunky heel, because they're waaaay cheaper than any of the others.

so, which pair do you like the best? and does anyone know what shoe these is a knock-off of?


old people in spandex.

very scary. not something you want to expose a young child to. unfortunately, my dad was a "serious" biker, and had all the gear, trained, and rode races and such...which exposed me to a lot of... ahem... older folk clad in helmets, biking jerseys, and spandex shorts. *shudder* but anyway, moving past my personal scarring, let me introduce trend #2...

bike shorts!

starting with the runway:

source (i think there's miu miu, alexander wang, and prada...)

then here we have dreamecho:

and flashes of style:

hmm... i think bike shorts are much better when they're made out of lace. or holograph fabric. take your pick. i think the way to pull these off is to either make them not look like athletic wear (like with glitter), or pair it with something girly like a dress or a pair of heels. i might not take part in this trend (a little too close to home...), but i would love to tell my dad, "look! i just bought these new lace bike shorts yesterday!" and watch his eyes pop out of his head. ;) plus, they seem like leggings (with the whole help-with-modesty thing), but shorter (i.e. cooler for summer).

p.s. you can buy some very brightly colored ones here, and holo ones here. (lace here and here, then just plain black.

p.p.s. happy mother's day to all the moms out there!! :)


sheer genius, i tell you...

now, as you could probably tell form the title of this post, the first trend (although the order is only based on which posts i wanted to do first, not importance, or anything) of spring 2009 is...


that's a good word, isn't it? and don't tell me it's not a word. say it out loud and tell me it's not a real word. it reminds me of the disney version of alice in wonderland, where she's going down the rabbit hole as says, "now dinah, remember, curiosity often leads to trouble...ouble...ouble..." (as she falls down the rabbit hole.) sheer-ousity often leads to trouble too, unless also paired with something more opaque, if you know what i mean. ;)

but anyway, i think it's perfect for spring, it being all floaty and everything.

obligatory runway pics:

image courtesy of flying saucer... and sea of shoes (it's comme des garcons, btw)...

sea of shoes again, isn't her outfit just lovely?

image courtesy of already pretty... and this picture is a hint for another trend coming up... it's not thigh highs, can anyone guess what it is??...

(as for the bad pun of a title-i'm sorry, i just couldn't help myself. :))