fashion weeeek!

yes, i know i'm way late. however, as they say, better late than never! ("they" being my bus driver. i have gotten to first period exactly once on time. :p) anyway, here are my favorite collections after a quick browseabout at style.com. (which, incidentally, is where all the pictures are from.) in no particular order, i liked...

1.) betsey johnson

betsey johnson was one of the first designers to get me into runway collections,  and i think think her s/s '10 show was the perfect mix of crazy and elegant. ;) plus, her headpieces were fabulous. i mean, who wouldn't want to walk around with a giant piece on neon tulle on their head?!

2.) luella (<3!!)

luella is one of my absolute favorite designers of all time. possibly my #1?... but let's not get too crazy here.  but it literally took every ounce of self control i have not to put every single look from the collection here. it's just all so perfect... the neutrals, sometimes soft and sometimes graphic, mixed with neons, polka dots, patent bows, and crazy eyeshadow... i want it all.

3.) marc by marc jacobs

i felt that the mark by mark jacobs was pretty much a huge mishmash of different things, not much of a unifying theme or anything... but i'm totally fine with that. :) the hairbows are cute but i adore the glasses. (click for a bigger picture of you have to. it's sooo worth it.)

4.) zac posen

i don't really have much to say about zac posen except that i liked the colors. and i think that's a pretty decent reason, don't you? 

5.) temperly london

in the total opposite direction, i liked temperly because of the lack of colors. the tophats were a nice touch, too. i just really like the androgynous feel of this collection.

6.) moschino cheap & chic

 yes, yes, and yes. again, i had a lot of trouble choosing which pics to include. everything's just so perfect. this collection pleases my inner girly-girl. but my outer girly-girl likes it too. ;) all in all, my favorite collection in addition to luella! 

7.) house of holland

yeah, i just thought the whole "house" thing was too clever. :) nice change from the normal old circular polka dots, in my opinion.

after a comprehensive study, i conclude that bows will be big this spring. and polka dots. you'd never guess that just from looking at the pictures, though, right? ;)

i also usually really love rodarte and d&g, but this time i thought they were a little disappointing. :( (what's with all the denim?!) and, of course, the alexander wang collection was all well and good, but shall be remembered for one thing alone: the wang braid.

i also saw a ton of collections i liked on other blogs too, none of which i can remember at the moment. which bothers me. bleh.

and totally switching topics, i tried bubble tea for the first time yesterday! the place i went had all sorts of flavors, from red bean (?) to strawberry. (i got sour green apple.) it's really weird, cos the tapioca bubbles and all squishy and chewy. and i thought the "tea" part would be, well, more like tea. or at least like a smoothie. instead it's more like a slurpee... but still, really good. :) if you've never tried it before, you definitely should!


who knew plastic wrap could be so classy?

the fabulous coco rocha

sparse post, i know. right now i'm trying to catch up with ny fashion week, expect a list of my faves soon!


school, sports, homework, sleep, rinse and repeat...

i miss blogging so much... ugh, i hate being busy! school is seriously eating into my blogging time. :( my teachers are against students having social lives, i think... either that, or  i just suck at time management. (speaking of which, my dad sent me this youtube video on time management, and yesterday when he asked if i watched it yet i said no. when he asked why, i said because it's over an hour long! how ironic...)

here's what i wore today. yes, today. not yesterday. not last week.really, actually, today. i'm quite proud of myself. :)
i had the idea for this outfit in my head pretty much since i bought the sweater.

this picture shows the color of my sweater best. i used to avoid orange a lot because i thought it was super-unflattering, but now i think the burnt orange looks good with my hair color, if i do say so myself. ;)

sweater: marshalls, skirt: target, i think..., tights: ???, shoes: childhood closet (seriously. i've had these forever.)

also, i have the occasion to get more-than-usual dressed up for a thing in two weeks (ooh, suspense!), and i have my heart set on a one-shouldered dress. if anyone know where i can get a cute one for not-too-expensive (preferably under $100-$150), please let me know... i'd love you forever! ;)

taylor swift in her fabulous dress...

p.s. i updated my blogger account thingie, and everything works so much better now! i didn't know i could update, so if you haven't yet, be sure to do it. :) look! i can do strikeout! hee hee hee...

p.p.s. i just had an idea! i think i'll write posts on saturday/sunday (when i actually have the time) and schedule them to post during the week. so it's like i'm actually posting regularly again! genius, right?

p.p.p.s. (yes, i know this is getting kind of ridiculous.) can you guys see my sidebar? i've been messing around with the html and sometimes it just randomly goes away, even if i don't change it. verrrrry strange... and i'm updating my blogroll hopefully sometime this weekend! in case you were interersted...



ok, first off i'd like to say i'm sorry for not responding to comments/posting! school just started for me, and i've been super-busy. i mean, i barely have enough time to finish my homework and then sleep is all i can think about. this means i might not be blogging as much for the next few weeks, but don't worry! i'd never totally abandon my blog. :) and i'll try to keep up with all of yours. deal?

anyway, this semester i'll be taking a photography course which i'm really excited for. we won't be doing as much darkroom stuff as i hoped, but maybe (hopefully?) blog pictures will improve!

(this would've been my camera if we were doing more film work. :( it's a 35mm nikon f65.)

rewinding to the back-to-school thing, i'm very proud of myself. i haven't worn jeans at all since school started. (this is a big deal for me. i used to live in my jeans.) i've been dressing more creatively, and people have actually come up to me in the hallways and told me something like, "yeah, i've seen you a few times this week, and you have awesome style!" :) which makes me go all, "aww, thanks!" and everything. but (and there's always a "but," isn't there?) i didn't take any pictures. not any worth posting, anyway. sorry 'bout that. :( i'll remember next week, i promise!

p.s. last post you guys broke my comment record! yay! (it might have something to do with the fact i haven't updated in like a week, but i'd just like to think you all actually like my blog and are patiently waiting for me to post.)

well, i have to go! bio homework's calling! and don't forget to check back soon for some more interesting posts. ciao!



(all pictures stolen from lovely girls' weardrobe accounts... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

i want one...