wearing a tie wouldn't change who i am, having no piercings wouldn't make me nice...

i just was to say, i saw sherlock holmes yesterday, and it was brilliant. :) if you haven't seen it yet, i suggest you get yourself to a theater asap...
wow... it's nearly the end of 2009, i can't believe how time's flown, but at the same time, how so much has happened. i started this blog, started attending a new school, and finally really started developing my style, along with so many other wonderful, amazing things that make me who i am now. :) when i look back on some of my resolutions for this year, i'm so happy and can go check-check-check on most of them. some others, well... 2010's a new start, isn't it? i love new years, and the whole feeling of starting fresh. and all the new possibilities of course. <3 here are some of my resolutions for this year:

~get a polariod camera. take pictures.

~take more pictures period. my goal is to try to take a few everyday. (i've been thinking about participating in the 365 challenge...)

~look more into vegetarianism--i've thought about it a lot recently, and i think i'm ready to take the plunge...

~keep a moleskin with me at all times--for when inspiration strikes. (and to keep more organized!)

~learn french.

~wear fabulous underwear-everyone knows how important a good foundation is. ;)

~make life an adventure. <3

hopefully i'll be able to make some plans for the 31st... and no matter what, i'll be wearing something crazy. (and preferably sequin-y!) sigh... sometime i'd really love to be in new york and be able to see the ball drop in person. and of course have someone next to me to kiss at midnight. ;)
what are your resolutions/goals/dreams for 2010?


"all i see are spots!"

 eat your heart out, cruella de vil.


merry christmas! <3

i hope none of you are actually reading this today. you should be off celebrating, not sitting at your computer. but, y'know, if you just couldn't help checking, well, i can't blame you... anyway, i wasn't planning on posting today, but guess where i'm typing this from? my new macbook!! :) i'm so super-excited about it... hope your christmas is as wonderful as mine.
and to those of you who don't celebrate christmas, happy hanuka/kwanzaa/atheist day!

i love the traditional green christmas tree, but i have to say, i'm also rather fond of the silvery-white variety...


cupcakes make people happy

 today, i saw a bit of a kids' christmas movie, all the characters were going, "oh no! christmas is ruined!" except for one. when the rest asked her why she wasn't freaking out, she said, "oh, i celebrate hanuka, so i already got all my presents. but yeah, oh no, poor santa." best. response. ever. :) and christmas is coming, so of course that means christmas wishlists! right now i have my eye on:

my christmas wihslist

 ~an adorable calendar
 ~urban decay eyeliner (i would never spend so much on eyeliner myself... but hey, it's the holidays! ;))

 ~plain moleskins-perfect for doodling!

 ~something sequined <3

 ~inspiration books, like one of tim walker's books

 ~a new camera to replace my super-out-of-date one. i love it, but sometimes it just frustrates me so much! i think this may be my x-mas gift to myself. does anyone have any suggestions for good cameras?

hope you all've been good this year, with no one getting any coal. ;) what do you want to find under your tree the 25th?


the closet is not a fun place to be

still no camera, but today was the release of......... rodarte for target! of course, i went directly to the site, and found a few amazing pieces... like this nude lace cardigan, (p.s. it also comes in black), which would be perfect for spring. :)

i am also pretty fond of this skirt, which i've already seen on a few fashion bloggers... ahem tavi and kori.

finally, i really like this mesh-y top, i think it'd look great under a dress or something for that fake-lace-collar look.

on the other hand, they also had some really generic stuff, like a plain grey t-shirt (whaat?) and all these bikinis. sorry, target, but it's december, and and have absolutely no inclination whatsoever to buy swimwear. well, that's my mini-review. so, what did you think of the collection? will you be buying anything from it as an early christmas present to yourself? ;)


i'm not paralyzed but i seem to be struck by you

 my camera's been acting up (so no outfit posts), but please accept this video instead:

the song is one of my favorites and i love the simplicity of the all the colors... real posts coming soon!


i want to get away, i want to fly away...

my friend is making 1,000 cranes for her ex-bf,  i think it's one of the stupidest things she's ever done...
i need to learn how to make paper cranes... and i've noticed that whenever i see a post titled "fly away," i always think of the song with the same title by lenny kravitz...


falling in love in a coffee shop

this week i am in love with...

my new red coat, the color cobalt, sending someone a singing telegram and watching their face when they get it, warm, buttery pretzels, book-flavored dreams, the album dreaming out loud by onerepublic, which has been on constant repeat on my ipod for the last couple days, dark lipstick, snow <3, chocolate biscotti, planning christmas presents for everyone on my list, dressing up like a ninja, strings of pink christmas lights, last-minute surprise birthday parties, and technicolor nailpolish.

what's been making you happy? share! :)


all fall down

i saw this at a store, and i just couldn't resist. i didn't expect much, considering it's... well... black lipstick, but i really love it. i think you just have to be careful not to wear too much black/leather/studs with it, and you'll be fine... by the way, this is wet n' wild. (as in, very cheap. good if  you just want to try it, without much investment.) i'm not sure if it'll ever make it outside my house (i'm not sure i'm quite ready for that), but i wanted to share with you guys. ;)
p.s. it's snowing!! yay, now it finally feels like december... <3

my inspiration: doe deere debuting styletto, ???, and hannah elizabeth (from gloria's jeans)


as the music dies, something in your eyes calls to mind a silver screen and all those sad goodbyes...

i am insanely grateful for fall break. and black friday sales. ;) if you weren't out at 4 am, let me tell you, it was absolute craziness... (p.s. watching people fight over a toaster totally made my week. ;)) but anyway, let me introduce you to the new love of my life:

 the reason i took so long to post is i had some internet issues, and i couldn't take pictures. i wanted to take these by these woods near my house, but it's been raining all week. so you get crappy indoor pics. sorry. :(
remember when i gushed about it here? well, i found it at old navy, from $69.50 to $29.99. yesssss. :) i never want to take it off, and am telling everyone around me how how much i love it. oh well. there are worse things i could be doing...aaaaand the outfit underneath:

not terribly interesting, i know. v-neck, thifted; skirt, marshall's; tights, ???; necklace, made by me
also, i've been thinking, and i'd like to make a tumblr where i can dump all my favorite pictures (instead of randomly posting them here). when i started this blog, i always thought, "oh, i blog for myself. not for any readers, and not just to get comments," but i feel a little more obligation to post quality stuff now that i know people are following me? my tumblr would definitely be more like a random inspiration thing, and not as much rambling... as of now i'm just trying to decide on a good name.

finally, i've been thinking about getting bangs again? either that or coloring my hair a bit reddish/orangish... any thoughts?

hope ally my lovely readers had a yummy (late) thanksgiving... xoxo