this is my 100th post... wow, i never thought i'd get this far. thanks for all your support! to celebrate, a few posts back i asked if you had any questions about me/my blog/the meaning of life... well, here are the answers: 
what do you aspire to be when you're older?
being a photographer would be my absolute dream job, but i'm not sure how that'd work out. being any type of fine artist would be amazing, actually. i know your supposed to get over that sort of thing by the time you're 7, but  i never did. i suppose my "practical" job choice would be graphic designer, or maybe something related to psychology? i'm not sure... 
what's on your wishlist right now?
like you can see on my sidebar, right now i'd really like a pair of oxfords and floral tights. i'm so ready for spring right now... a pair of geek glasses or wayfarer-style shades would also be nice. 
do people know about your blog? 
no, no one in "real-life" knows about my blog. my friends aren't really into the whole runway/dressing crazy thing, plus i think it'd be a little embarrassing... cos really? a website filled with my rambling and pictures of myself. like, egotistical much?

what are your hobbies? 
hobbies... hmm... doesn't that usually include having free time? ;) although when i can, i love to draw/paint. i'm not very good at either, but i like expressing myself. and also read loads of books, when i have spare time. 
any secret talents? 
haha, i wish! although i do make a mean chocolate cake. 
what is your hair like naturally?
left to its own devices, my hair is very wavy/messy. although a year or two ago i had it permanently straightened, which is now in the process of being grown out. it's light/medium brown, but gets blonder in the summer and sometimes even looks orange
favorite food?
ravioli! i love anything in a cute little package... cupcakes, dumplings, you name it. 

who's your inspiration?
hmmm... where to begin? well, there's all you lovely bloggers out there. ;) really, people on the internet are amazing, with flickr and blogging and everything. and of course there's gala darling (i know i mention her all the time, but she's fantastic!), and other various photographers and illustrators. 
what made you want to get a blog?
after reading a few other blogs for a while, i realized, hey! i could do that too. i'm much too opinionated just to be content with commenting anonymously. and like i said before, none of my friends are really into fashion the same way i am, so i guess it just became my place to talk about it all...
what's the story with your entire blog being in lowercase?
i just think lowercase letters are more visually appealing... it actually kind of runs in the family. (my mom and aunts do the same thing. ;)) 
what do you like to do in your free time other than blog?
mess around with friends, watch movies, make collages, run, draw mustaches with eyeliner, talk on the phone, visit art museums, listen to music constantly, take excessive amounts of pictures, and of course trawl the internet way too much for it to be healthy. ;)


Rosie Unknown said...

Hurray for wanting to be a photographer when you are older! Did you decide to do Project 365 in the end? Cause if you did, I would love to see your pictures.

renwore said...

Hehe I'm wanting some floral tights and oxfords too! Well actually I've got a pair of oxford heels but it's been 5 months since I've gotten them and I've yet to find a chance to dangle precariously over those tiny heels >_<

Leah said...

I love that you stuck with the lowercases. I would do that to because it comes naturally for me when I type but since I started being "proper" with cases, I stuck with that. But I wish I did what you are doing. xoxo

Hannah said...

haha i love the look of lower case letters too! congrats on the 100th post :)

Winnie said...

Well done on 100 posts! It's definitely a milestone and I'm sure there will be many more to come!

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Awesome career choice! And I totally can't stick to writing all in lower case, I kinda feel weird.


Sam Harvey Handbags said...

do what you love. pretty simple. life is supposed to be fun. the universe is constantly expanding and so are we. eat lots of cherry jello too. http://lara-serbin.blogspot.com/

Lady Gabrielle. said...

Cute blog!! And i love reading these question answer things, they are very insightful. I think i might attempt one at some point on my blog but i've just started mine.
Come visit if you would like
I look forward to reading more of your fashion savvy posts!
Lady G xx

GraceFace said...

I adore the photo :) and pfft, who wants to have practical ambitions? I'm still harbouring that dream of mine when I was 6 to be a spy...;)

Poisonn Amour said...

thats so cool that you want to be photographer. thats juts like my best friend.
yeah i like typing better with lower cases. it looks better, and im to lazy to stretch my pinky over to the shift key. LOL.

Pixie Dust said...

Oh this is very interesting! :)) I am so glad I found your blog thanks to the sweet comment you left me on mine.. <3 I abosolutely adore your blog, how about following each other?
I am glad if my plum nailpolish helped btw :))