flickr-ers anonymous

little update of how my 365 project is working out: well, so far i've taken about 1,000 pictures this year. buuuuut (and there's always a "but," isn't there?), i haven't been keeping very good track of what pictures go with what days. which is pretty much the entire point of the project. so, i suppose it did what it was meant to do: get me to take more pictures. i've actually started a flickr, you can find me here. (add me! right now i'm kind of lonely. ;)) also, i'm kind of in this funk where i hate most of the pictures i've taken, even especially the ones i used to like.  ugh. 

on the other hand, flickr rrrrrocks. i really love olivia bee. she has all sorts of  really lovely images. i'd also like to point out the fact that she's 15. (the only reason i'm pointing this out is because how amazing will she be in 5 years? or 10 years?)  
and this has to be the coolest flickr group ever... just look at their pool:
and re: last post: lowercase lovers of the world unite! ahahaha... 



this is my 100th post... wow, i never thought i'd get this far. thanks for all your support! to celebrate, a few posts back i asked if you had any questions about me/my blog/the meaning of life... well, here are the answers: 
what do you aspire to be when you're older?
being a photographer would be my absolute dream job, but i'm not sure how that'd work out. being any type of fine artist would be amazing, actually. i know your supposed to get over that sort of thing by the time you're 7, but  i never did. i suppose my "practical" job choice would be graphic designer, or maybe something related to psychology? i'm not sure... 
what's on your wishlist right now?
like you can see on my sidebar, right now i'd really like a pair of oxfords and floral tights. i'm so ready for spring right now... a pair of geek glasses or wayfarer-style shades would also be nice. 
do people know about your blog? 
no, no one in "real-life" knows about my blog. my friends aren't really into the whole runway/dressing crazy thing, plus i think it'd be a little embarrassing... cos really? a website filled with my rambling and pictures of myself. like, egotistical much?

what are your hobbies? 
hobbies... hmm... doesn't that usually include having free time? ;) although when i can, i love to draw/paint. i'm not very good at either, but i like expressing myself. and also read loads of books, when i have spare time. 
any secret talents? 
haha, i wish! although i do make a mean chocolate cake. 
what is your hair like naturally?
left to its own devices, my hair is very wavy/messy. although a year or two ago i had it permanently straightened, which is now in the process of being grown out. it's light/medium brown, but gets blonder in the summer and sometimes even looks orange
favorite food?
ravioli! i love anything in a cute little package... cupcakes, dumplings, you name it. 

who's your inspiration?
hmmm... where to begin? well, there's all you lovely bloggers out there. ;) really, people on the internet are amazing, with flickr and blogging and everything. and of course there's gala darling (i know i mention her all the time, but she's fantastic!), and other various photographers and illustrators. 
what made you want to get a blog?
after reading a few other blogs for a while, i realized, hey! i could do that too. i'm much too opinionated just to be content with commenting anonymously. and like i said before, none of my friends are really into fashion the same way i am, so i guess it just became my place to talk about it all...
what's the story with your entire blog being in lowercase?
i just think lowercase letters are more visually appealing... it actually kind of runs in the family. (my mom and aunts do the same thing. ;)) 
what do you like to do in your free time other than blog?
mess around with friends, watch movies, make collages, run, draw mustaches with eyeliner, talk on the phone, visit art museums, listen to music constantly, take excessive amounts of pictures, and of course trawl the internet way too much for it to be healthy. ;)


razors and raisins are not the same thing

i'm so insanely happy right now, part 1 of my math midterms are over. which were not as bad as i thought they'd be. *insert crazy grinning that stretches my face so much it hurts* also, i've been very inspired lately, so expect loads of photoshoots and such. (i'm thinking about making a zine... with all my copious spare time, of course. :p any thoughts on this?)

also, i'd just like to say i'm totally envious of all the bloggers out there who "partner-blog," as in there are two people posting to the same blog. (i.e. if the sok fitz, pigtails and blushing cheeks, the wearing times, ect.) it'd be nice to have someone who'd pick up the slack when i can't post and help take outfit shots, plus being able to share the whole love of fashion bit. (none of my friends are into fashion the way i am, i don't even think any of them know who alexander mcqueen is. i love them anyway, though. <3) then again, i'm kinda o.c.d. about my blog layout--i want it to be exactly how i imagine it, no compromises. ;)

do any of you partner-blog? what's it like? and those of you who blog alone (yeah singles!), did you ever wish there was someone you shared it with?


inside we're all the same

may i present an outfit post, for your viewing pleasure: (haven't had one of these in a while, hmm?)
not too interesting, but i liked it, plus it was still light out enough to take pictures when i got home.
(yes, i had fun editing the hell out of them too. ;))

helen: everyone's special, dash. 
dash: ...which is another way of saying no one is. 

here you can see my dog... he's a cutie, but not too fond of paparazzi. ;)
top: peeps store, blazer: thrifted, "jeggings": target, flats: thrifted

i'd just like to say two things. one, this may be the comfiest outfit of all time. (according to my mac, "jeggings" isn't a word. who decided that?!) and two, did you know they actually have stores where they sell nothing but millions of little marshmallow peeps? fortunately, they also sell t-shirts, which is where i got this little beauty. (it says "inside we're all the same.")


alice's mad tea party

as it turns out, i have not actually disappeared off the face of the earth. (i was just hiding. ;)) life's been busy lately (then again, when isn't it??), but hopefully now i'll be back to a more regular posting schedule.
i swear, i think my friends and i have gotten into every "off-limits" place our school has to offer. (we're very good at not getting caught/talking our way out of trouble...) personally, i'm rather fond of our greenhouse full of dead plants. it ranks right up there with construction sites and laundromats on my list of best places for photoshoots. i'm thinking about sneaking back with some costumes/props. wish me luck! <3

oh, and btw, these are all unedited...


the color tuesday

hey guys... sorry for disappearing for a while there. :/ some things just came up... and are not likely to go away anytime soon. bleh. anyway, today i officially got addicted to flickr. i'll prolly set up my own account soon... let me just point you towards abigail.claire, she's sooo inspirational. (and look at this girl's hair. i want it.)

and thank you for all the lovely comments last post. <3 i'll try to respond back asap!
p.s. i feel like a lot of bloggers are getting (or at least discussing) tattoos recently. has anyone else noticed this?

and p.p.s. i love isabel's new f-hole tattoos, i think it's such a creative design... plus it reminds me of that quote, "a body is like a cello, it's your job to work out how to play it." forget where it's from, though. anyone care to refresh my memory?


cheesecake: the dessert of supermodels

dress: h&m, tights: payless, shoes: thrifted
could this *gasp* be an outfit post?? well, maybe, if you accept badly lit pictures* of what i wore on n.y.e. i didn't do much, just hung out with some friends. no going out for me. of course, i decided to dress up anyway. ;) but what could those things on my head be??

mouse ears: disney world ;)
mouse ears, of course! inspired by gala darling. (and what would new year's be without a few sequins?)
i know i'm behind (5 days, in fact), but what did you guys wear? something sparkly, i hope!
*but really, sorry for all the shadows. none of my pictures turned out the way i wanted, so i'll leave you with this one even though you can't see my cool houndstooth tights... just pretend it's supposed to be a silhouette shot. much better now, no?
and don't forget to keep asking questions for my q&a post!




i think i know what i'll be doing tomorrow... or what i'd be doing, if i didn't have school tomorrow. unfortunately, today is my last day of winter break. boo. who knows. maybe i'll suddenly get a mysterious illness and not be able to make it. ;)

anyway, here’s how to do it: (according to the coveted)

materials: box of rit dye, salt, detergent, pantyhose (light colored, or flesh color is fine).
1. mix your dye bath… i usually use my mop bucket in the shower.
2. rinse & wring your pantyhose, the gradient will be easier to create if the material is damp.
3. dip the dampened pantyhose into the dye bath, don’t submerge them in the dye, but dip half way or or however you would like to have colored.
4. hang the pantyhose in the shower for an hour or so, maybe two… this will allow gravity to pull the dye to the bottom creating the gradient.
5. rinse the excess dye, and hang dry.

and don't forget to keep the questions coming for my q&a post!! :)


french-kissing 2010 hello

happy new year to all my lovely readers! i hope 2010 will be just as amazing as 2009... and i feel the need to mention i just watched yesman again (possibly one of my favorite movies of all time), which is now on my list of must-watch movies on new year's eve. :) i swear, allison is like my life-role-model.

also, happy blog-birthday to me! ;) it is officially musings of a born socialite's one-year anniversary, and i can't believe how far i've come... thank you all for supporting me! hugs and kisses all around. <3
and in celebration of my blog-birthday/almost at 100 posts (yes, it's taken me a year to get that far... i'm not a very consistent blogger!), i've decided to maybe do a q&a type post? so if you have any questions about me/my blog/the meaning of life (delete as appropriate), just ask away in the comments!